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The Sine-Wave of Our Discontent

This is, surely,

a Time of Great Things.

Great Upheaval, great revelation, proclamation, and evolution. Great bursting-forth truths and looming precipices. Darkness like nobody's ever known, and Light finally proving out as the one divine source.

Light Becomes Us, and we proceed to stumble through density. As the Ojibwa tradition states,

"At times I go about in pity for myself, and all the while a great wind is bearing me across the sky"

'Twas ever thus? Have we in fact always been the wards of Heaven and Hell, and Heaven again, and occasionally both at the same time.......?

Truth, forwardness and accomplishment in this jaunty human physical plane is likely more a sine-wave dance of feeling ourselves reigning mighty then cowering back as zygote in incubation, only to back through the shell once more to gather our gonads and crown ourselves, yet once more, as king and throne.

Have not our captains in this world risen thru great deeds and favor, then finding themselves unsatiated, wrung out the masses, and now prepare to cast the planet into unfathomable peril?

We may wish to present our mass human ego as an exemplary result of linear momentum, assuming an ever-growing group intellect and sophistication over 'time', but the inconsistencies we find strewn about when we collectively strive for the Ultimate Clue, evade all possibility of Ultimate Answer.

Taken as a whole, the thoughts of our lives tend to soften over time, to where we might completely displace in our minds the amount of stress and toil and darkness we may have undergone, in favor of the innocence and simplicity of those sweet bygone days. We grimace at today and warm nolstalgic about yesterday. As Baz Luhrmann notes, " too will get old, and when you do, you will fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble, and children respected their elders."

We might stretch back to our physics lessons, which remind us that for every action there is an equal, opposite reaction. The cliche Chinese insult 'may you live in interesting times' furnishes a singularly potent venom- the more interesting the times, the more violent the setbacks.

Tell me, how eventful is your day-to-day, dear reader...

Perhaps we would find favor in harkening to the Buddhist elders, sipping tea and moving slowly, who assuage us with their sober flagship of moderation in all things. Truly, to not swing wildly about the maypole, to cajole our inner drama queens with simpl living and good company, and to not grab every tiger's tail merely for the love of orange, may land us yet in the warm lap of life's calm.


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Saving Our Sanity: Living SimPLy in Chem-World

Take a historical journey to the mass-fall from Light, as natural process gave way to the seductions of cheap easy quick, and how it fashioned the world we now live in.

moving into the practice of light:

Light & Healing

The Reconnection. Reiki. Acupuncture. These are practices which have disposition to change light organization in the personal field and body flow, a dance in the Great Mystery, whereas 'results' however dramatic, are untethered from the realm of what is consciously felt or even hoped-for.

Understanding that light healing and field-change practice is not the passion nor even the likely experience of all, therefore i heartily invite only those who feel keenly towards it.