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in the form of generated electrical power, motorized transport or thermal modification, has been quite the enticing Global topic . fuel source or resource control in general has been the default desire behind every land-grab and political coupe throughout our most intrigued species history.

in the early 20th century, George Westinghouse (AC) and Thomas Edison (DC) managed double-handedly to initiate and control the national electrical-utility-for-profit policy in the US, arguing for low-voltage power generation- notably the least cost or energy-efficient option possible- with unlimited, ample stores of fossil fuels. Big Utility was born.the inscrupulous John D.

Big Oil
enter one John D. Rockefeller, freshly self-crowned as  the duke of oil, railroad and coal, having just connived, schemed and lied his way into full control of the fledgling US petroleum industry. His nefarious exploits were initially made public in 1904 by Ida Tarbell, herself born into an oil family that had fallen prey to JDR’s tactics.

Tarbell’s book, The History of Standard Oil, exposes JDR’s inscrupulous South Improvement Company, deceptive business combinations, untold number of broken promises- and a subsequent meteoric rise to petro-domination- in succinct detail, though the story at that point was far from over.

this book was a major influence in the 1911 indictment of Standard Oil before the US Supreme Court, which ordered the dismantling of the giant as it then existed.

what resulted was several little Standard Oils, which grew to become Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Amoco, BP, and others. the medusa had been unleashed. and Rocky was still boss.

Rise of the Modern Titan
what the above-mentioned gentlemen all had in common was, not products or services which were necessarily unique or good or even beneficial for the general public, but a decisive cunning and shrewdness that the existing business climate and law infrastructure was not fully prepared to engage with- until too late.

this kind of a dominant, laser focus on crushing all who stand in the way, often results in great wealth which then owns not only businesses and market-share, but people such as the politicians and decision-makers in our midst.

so. today, when we take stock and see what giants loom over our most-familiar products and services-

is best quality and overall highest benefit of today’s major products and technologies then, the reason why we have them?

it had to be asked. yet, we can all now see that most of the established products and tech in this human world is there due to the influence and control of the major business interests, for better or worse. and woe to he who wieldeth a better mousetrap…

And the Winner Is
to this day the world in general is dominated by fossil and nuclear-fueled power plants-for-profit, winners of the global energy sweepstakes over free- or source- energy champions such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Stanley Meyer, John Searle and Wilhelm Reich, to name a few.

many forward-thinking individuals such as these had more than mere theories on how the human world could advance comfortably well into the future, having discovered the greater, infinite Source of Universal Energy, and had realized working methods of expressing simply obtained, renewable and sustainable energy in the form of useful function.

this game-changer technology is often at odds with the current wave of physics or accepted limitations on what is possible, and quite affordable or FREE to the people at large. however, the reasons for squelching such tech by business control-addicts with non-sensible solutions, such as fossil fuels with their internal-combustion monopoly, is obvious and commonly seen.

Big Utility,
thus newly spawned back in the day with influence-buying money power feathering their every handshake, quickly peppered the consumer landscapes with then-new tech. extraction towers, tank fields, and labyrinthine processing plants became the true temples of faith, of the new modern human.

the mishaps borne by those humans and the infrastructure, such as pipeline failures, explosions and open dumping of wastes, became common details in the new culture of ‘maximum profits regardless of consequence’. death, mass-poverty, widescale ravaged flora. suddenly, energy is mined, transported, refined, made incendiary by giant alien-like machinery.

entire accessory-industries, armies of specific-education technicians, and vast volumes of planetary content usage, present daunting realities not easily copied, challenged or desired by the ill-informed, weakened and unbanded general public. and these are kept profitable by proprietary techniques of preference- both in manufacturing and in coercions-  which exclusively serve a select utility elite.

Depletionary Energy

in view of the efforts by source energy advocates, the true history of global energy has therefore been the diversion away from source energy- the glossing over  of starkly radical Universal achievements in favor of the decidedly low efficiency, loss-based and natural resource-devouring methods of creating electrical power and work energy that we are familiar with today.

we have evolved from wood-burning to coal to oil to gas to nuclear depletionary energies, in mass society. in depletionary methods, the selected fuel is ignited to heat a container of water, thus making steam to turn machinery which move electrical fields, which in turn generate electricity.

each of these methods has serious drawbacks in the form of fuel availability, cost, health hazard, or process-dependency, and nuclear spent fuel has the added gift of nearly-eternal radiation hazard.

renewable or source energy, in contrast has a constantly accessible supply,  tends to be cleaner with less harm hazard, is simply executed with smaller infrastructure.

Sequestered Technologies

quite likely the most hazardous career on the Planet to engage in, is the role of INVENTOR. more would-be darlings of the Renewable Energy picture have landed in the slammer for life (such as Wilhelm Reich), have been bought off & their discoveries sequestered or destroyed- or have disappeared altogether, than can be counted or known. the accounts of missing inventors of the water-based engine ALONE are astronomical.

successful water-based tech, almost comically utlizing much of the same equipment as fossil fuels and thus being the no-brainer, much-anticipated renewable energy next pillar, has been regularly reported during the last two decades, even viable demonstration videos exist…

often, one reads of a sustainable method of coaxing electricity from the Sun, or of cheaply neutralizing radioactive waste, or of producing a continuous energy without mechanical means- only to never hear of it again, or worse- that the poor inventor in the brief limelight is nowhere to be found.

Same Same
we’ve talked about the reasons for these dark ends. the story is old already. industries, call them Brand X, which have built up appreciable infrastructure and trained personnel for the support and upkeep of a dismally inefficient depletionary technology, are NOT about to sacrifice all that time, money, lifestyle, and trial-and-error just because a superior technology is in our midst.

this is not to mention Brand X investments in the lifelong thought-education of children- right up to executive staff- or the costs of R&D and strongarm efforts to ensure existing fuel-burning products and customers continue being dependent on them.

then we have the industry-sponsored armed takeovers of regions, facilities and foreign regimes to keep resources flowing in to the now-outdated, depletionary tech. and of course the heavy lobbying and buying of political office holders to legislate Brand X-friendly policies, and of course we did mention the systematic removal of all competing geeks proudly tinkering with world-saving renewable energy projects in suburban basements.

Whew! maintaining record profits sure is busy work.

so truly, it matters not to Brand X, how  fantastic green building or renewable energy or self-reliant habitat or ecovillage community would be for the "good of the people". since we were speaking of comical.

Inventor Disclaim Notice

I therefore DELIGHT in telling you that I have never invented a thing complete; all renewable subjects introduced within these virtual volumes are mere recantings of other people's entrepreneurial seizures, told over and again, and that my neck simply is not renewable, nor worth the rope one finds in an alley.


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the original Big Oil bad boy,
in 1885



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