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Artificial Wetlands Water Treatment Systems

Chella, Valencia, Spain, 2006; Llosa Larga Community.

Acebo, Càceres, Spain, 2005-2006; Lalita Center for Creative Activities.

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.

Development/construction of 11-pond system, alternating aerobic-to-anaerobic environments, 300-person capacity. Design/build: flowforms, water stairs, pond lining, pipeline, terraform.

Design of 7-pond system, 80-person design, for rural creative resort. Approved by the central overseeing water authority in Madrid- the first govt.-approved AW system in Spain Extremadura region. A similar system proposed Aug. 2006, for start-up rural mountain community.

AutoCAD Design

Long Beach, CA 2008-2009; Lite Solar LLC.

Acebo, Càceres, Spain, 2007; private residence.

Quito, Ecuador, 2005; CasaTony residence.

Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador, 2005; Allpa Janpirina.

Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 2002; Nira’s Home Bakery properties.

Colorado Springs, CO, 1986-1989; The Parrot Company.

Design/markup/final approval of commercial rooftop solar PV system designs, 30KW to 400KW, Acad2009.

Design/Project Management of Casa Corazon, a heart-shaped residence, vegetated roof, earth walls, designed for harmonious balance & energy flow.

Renovation Design of CasaTony, 2nd-story development of a Quito residence.

Design of the first Solid Waste Management proposal in Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand.

Co-owner, chairman in a startup CAD business; Electrical Design, printed wiring board layout, graphics, and AutoCAD instruction.

Bio-Organic (Organic/Biodynamic) Agriculture and Land Management

Likr, Ladakh, India, 2013-2014; SimPL Ladakh & Norboo Spon Guesthouse.

Koh Pha-Ngan, Suratthani, Thailand, 2013-2014; Nira’s Home Bakery.

Valdetorres, Madrid, Spain, 2006-2007; SimPL.

Acebo, Càceres, Spain, 2005-2006; Lalita Center for Creative Activities.

Valencia, Spain, 2004-2005; Llosa Larga Community.

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, USA, 1999-2000; ISKCON New Govardhan Hill Temple.

Masok, South Korea, 1994-1995; SimPL.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1985-1989; personal use.

Farming at a rural Himalayan commercial guesthouse: Ladakhi no-loss farming method, ancient seed strains- transferring operation to Thailand during winter season. Book in progress: “Ladakhi Organic Farming”.

Improving the organic production for a rural commercial center with bio-intensive techniques- companion plantings, cover cropping, mulching and drip irrigation.

Land management proposal for a rural spiritual community; converting mountainous subtropical rainforest land to organic food production and horticultural use.

Agroforestry and organic food production for a rural intentional community; converting long-standing orchards of olive, almond, fig, and plum to organic technique. Initiating humanure-fed organic vegetable production, in a movement toward gradual self-reliance.

Private farming and residence for two seasons at a 2-acre transitional-organic farm.

Soil and crop management: composting & mulch, companion planting, cover crops, and crop rotations.

Boo-Crete (Bamboo Reinforced Concrete) Structural Design/Build

category:   Water Storage

Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador, 2004-2005; Allpa Janpirina.

Design and build of a 20,000 litre water tank using cement and bamboo as reinforcement, for an Andino community center. The tank wall thickness averaged 7 cm. and the build resulted in a 50% cost savings.

          Swimming Pool & Flooring

Amlan, Negros Island, Philippines, 2008; Jarrence Compound.

Design/build of a 215 cu. ft. boo-crete pool used for borax treatment of construction-wood, for a tourist restaurant project in the Philippines. Pool to be converted to recreational use or talapia farm. All restaurant flooring also boo-crete, using on-site bamboo stands.

             Structural Foundation

Acebo, Caceres, Spain, 2005; Ecotopia.

Construction of bamboo box-style reinforcement for a straw-bale building foundation.

Community Development

Koh Samui, Thailand, 2002; Children of the Sun Project.

Authoring of a comprehensive proposal  to address a difficult drug situation among Thai youth caught in the midst of a hedonistic tourist culture. Incites the cooperation of family, law enforcement, business and

religious leaders throughout the community, both to encourage a meaningful re-entry of estranged youth back into local society, and to stimulate the community to be the open arms which embrace and reassure the children of their rightful place.

Dry Toilet/Humanure Facility Design

Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador, 2004-2005; Allpa Janpirina.

Valencia, Spain, 2004; Llosa Larga Community.

Design/Build of La Concha Seca, for two community centers. Golden Spiral cob structure, vegetated roof, dual rock chambers to contain/compost humanure (human manure) for reuse.

Authored “La Concha Seca: a dry toilet with style”, natural-building construction and discussion in dry toilets and humanure use- published in Allpa Magazine, 2005.

Earth Oven Design/Build

Ladakh, India, 2013-2014; various (5 to date).
Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 2013-2014; various (3 to date).
Weston, CO, USA, 2008; Earth Mountain Education Farm.

Summertown, TN, USA, 2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.
various locations worldwide, 1995-present.

Design/build of vented commercial ovens- Inonot, SheMalaya, Ox Oven, Beast of Babylon, Food Stupa; all local materials: rock, sand, clay brick & mortar, lime plaster. Bases are cemented rock, with non-reuseble refuse as structural filler, as a practical waste reuse technique. Average material cost $10 US. As of September 2014, these ovens produce more than 150 combined pizzas per day, in tourist season.

Design/build of 3 vented ovens on Thai tourist island- the Generic, Marvin the Moustache & Songkran Blizzard- 2 private & 1 commercial. Average material cost $8. Design/build of Jabba the Hot, a large vented cob oven: shale clay, local raw and recycled materials. Total cost $6.00. Design and build of The Wizard, a non-vented clay & cob oven: soil cement and rock/truck tire base, lime plaster. Oven awning: vegetated roof, post & beam, truck tire foundation. Total cost $8.00. Photos of each available.

Electrical Power Design

Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean, 1990-1992; Holmes & Narver, Raytheon Services Nevada.   


Sole Engineer responsible for electrical Power issues, for O&M contract on a Pacific US military facility 800 miles WSW of Hawaii. Local grid: 1440VAC, on 5 ea. 2.5MW diesel generators.

Projects, $1K to $10M, include 12.5MW Diesel Generation Station upgrade, Island Warning System, Island Feeder Cable replacement, Personnel Housing Installation and Renovations, RO Water Treatment Facility, Sewage Treatment Plant, Renovation of three Recreation facilities, Pipeline Cathodic Protection, various smaller facility installations and renovations. Design, Specify, SOW, Bill of Materials.

Electronics Test Engineering

Irvine, CA, USA, 1983; Program Data Inc.

Santa Ana, CA, USA, 1984; Emerson Industrial Controls.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1985; TRW.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1986-1987; Ro-Mar Ltd.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1987-1989; United Technologies Microelectronics Center.

Applications programming for board and component test, electronics troubleshooting, write test procedures, System Manager for DEC & Unix main servers.

Environmental Instruction

Likr, Ladakh, India, 2013-2014; SimPL Ladakh & Norboo Spon Guesthouse.

Koh Pha-Ngan, Suratthani, Thailand, 2012-2014; Nira’s Home Bakery, The Sanctuary & WyeNam Resort.

Long Beach, CA, USA, 2009-2010; The Farm LB.

Acebo, Càceres, Spain, 2005-2006; Lalita Center for Creative Activities.

Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador, 2004-2005; Allpa Janpirina.

Puerto Quito, Ecuador, 2001; Caravana Arcoiris de La Paz.
Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, seasonal.

Permaculture course/practicum instruction: agriculture, natural building techniques, earth & solar ovens,  and the soft methods of self-reliant living. Masterplanning: co-conspiring in the realization of life plans & purpose.

Founder/Instructor in the SimPLife natural living philosophy: Sustainable Integrated Methods of Practical Living, permaculture, biodynamics & experience-based, central tenet:  ‘Living As We Are Best Evolved’.

Natural Building instruction: straw-bale, rock wall & foundation, cob & claybrick, earth ovens, wood post-and-beam, turf roof and recycled materials structures.

Land Reclamation/Keyline System Design

Tumbaco, Ecuador, 2004; La Comuna Tola Chica.

Damaged-Earth Reclamation Design for mountainous community land which has degraded to volcanic subsoil exposure. Stage one: chisel plowing, following Keyline contour lines, for ambiental re-absorbtion and nutrification of the soil, precluding the use of external inputs. Stage two: introduction of pioneer plant species in a gradual reforestation and reutilization program. Stage three: utilizing keyline data and results for appropriate site selection, for planned community structures.

Project/Construction Management

Saboo, Ladakh, India, 2014; Ladakh Sarai Resort.

Pyeong Taek, Kyunggi-do, South Korea, 2011-2012; SeoYong Construction Co.

Amlan, Negros Island, Philippines, 2008; Jarrence Compound.

Acebo, Caceres, Spain, 2007; private residence.

Gokçedere,Yalova, Turkey, 2006; Mutlu Baba Center.

Valencia, Spain, 2004-2006; Llosa Larga Community Center.

Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador, 2004-2005; Allpa Janpirina.

Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 1991-2004; Nira’s Home Bakery properties, seasonal.

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, seasonal.

Masok, South Korea, 1994-1995; private residence.

Eichen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, 1993; Natural Building and Living Systems.

Design/Project Management for Ladakhi traditional kitchen, earth oven, and natural pond construction, for high-end tourist resort. Supervise 3-10 unskilled workers.

Quality Control Manager for the prime contractor of a $19M entertainment complex construction project at USAG Humphreys, South Korea. Construction quality issues of prime & subcontractor work, for earthwork, piles, foundation work. Plan construction meetings, author all operational plans & procedures, verify satisfactory completion of all construction phases.

Project Management of a large residence/restaurant in rural Philippines. Supervise 10 – 12 semi or unskilled workers, oversee all purchases, specify materials and workflow.

Design/Project Management of Casa Corazon, a heart-shaped residence-  Post-and-Beam, Turf Roof, Cob walls, incorporating the Yin-Yang symbol and Feng Shui principles.

Earthen Wall renovation of an antiquated traditional Eiffel home.

Design/build of a Chinese Floor Heat System, and Eiffel-style Earthen Wall structure, in converting a greenhouse to a farm residence.

Design/build of various structures worldwide: Cob/Adobe, Straw-Bale, Earth/Underground, Post-and-Beam, Boo-Crete,  Recycled Material and Thai Bungalow.

Design/builds in natural rock, roadways, foundations, walls, stairways and borders.

Solar Cookers and Water Distillation

Santa Monica, CA, 2008; private residence.

Thailand, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Guyana, 1989-2005; various organizations.

Valencia, Spain, 2004-2005; Llosa Larga Community.

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.

Johnston Atoll, Pacific, USA, 1989-1992; Raytheon Services Nevada.

various locations/seasons; Solar Cookers International, worldwide promoter.

Design/build and instruction/workshops in both box-type and parabolic cookers, worldwide.

Authored The SimPL Solar Oven Builder, instructions and discussions in solar cooking principles.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Design/Installation

Encinitas, CA, USA, June 2010; SimPL.

Long Beach, CA, USA, July 2009; IQA Solutions.

Long Beach, CA, USA, 2008-present; Lite Solar LLC.

Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2008; SimPL.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005-2007; PV4All.

Haad Rin village, Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 1991-2004; SimPL.

Johnston Atoll, Pacific, USA, 1989-1992; Raytheon Services Nevada.

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999-2002; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.

Assignments by Job Title:

1. Solar Consultant       

Troubleshoot, Repair, Maintenance, 3.5KW PV system, multi-family residence.       

2. Solar Consultant   

Create business plans & cost estimates, for proposed solar market-entry projects. Examples include: modular solar PV parking lot structures for petrochemical process facilities, within the California Solar Initiative framework & a $1M, apartment complex, rooftop PV installation. Market conditions (2009) did not favor market entry at the time.

3. Solar Design Manager

Commercial Rooftop Systems 30KW to 400KW.

- Responsible for Design overview, supervise growing design department (4 to 10 designers).

- final drawing redlines, assure submittal package integrity.

- author File Archiving System, for file security.

- Training of designers into company drawing format and archiving procedures.

- project design w/AutoCAD 2009, selected projects & final details.

- Project materials ordering and specifying.

- Energy/circuit calculations & Power production capacities.

- Drawing modification to match installed projects & assist w/ on-site supervision and installation.

- Obtain permits, Structural and Electrical, with various LA County permitting agencies (LADBS, LADWP, LAFD, CRA). Negotiated every building permit the company ever obtained, through LADBS.

- Strategize for a reasonable presence for small commercial solar PV in SoCal/LA area: communicate concerns to solar advocacy and legistative bodies (CalSEIA, LA Mayor, Fire Chief, LADWP Chief, US Senators & Reps).

4. Lead Design and Install Supervisor     

For a Large-scale Urban Solar Farm installation proposal in the Netherlands:

Installation/Design Lead for crews 2 to 9

- Roof mount PV 3.2-90KW, grid-direct, single/multiple inverter. Modules: Siemens, Unisolar, BP 170-315W.

- AutoCAD and hand-drafted design.

- material & module search and selection.

5. Senior Electrical and Civil Engineer  

Design and Installation Lead of Solar-powered Island Warning System for a remote Pacific island military facility: Radio-controlled, self contained pole-mount PV receivers, dual electrolytic battery banks, 10 loudspeaker towers, 3 separate islands. Programmable base transmitter in Command Center location.

6. Natural Builder/Instructor    

- Design/Install of remote island single-family residential PV systems, 80W-240W,  standalone, battery bank.

- Design of 3.5KW grid-interactive system for private residence: strings 2 x 10 ea. Sharp 180W 36VDC modules, SunnyBoy 208V inverter.

- Design/Install of a PV System, personal living space, remote location.

- Performance evaluation of various Solar Electric devices, ongoing.

- Maintenance for 1.2KW battery/grid combination system, Trace Engineering inverter, auto-switching, Trojan deep-cycle batteries.

- Workshop instruction in Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation.


Solar Space & Water Heating

Summertown, TN, USA, 1999; The Farm Ecovillage Training Center.

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1986; personal.

Installation: Solar Wings 40-gal direct storage residential rooftop water heater.

Installation: Sun-Aire residential rooftop space heater- both systems still in operation.

Integrated  Solid Waste Management Systems Design

Cayambe and Cotacachi, Ecuador, 2001; Allpa Janpirina.

Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 1992-1994; Nira’s Home Bakery properties.

Johnstoll Atoll, Pacific, USA, 1990-1992; Raytheon Services Nevada.

Self-initiate, author the Johnston Atoll Solid Waste Management Plan: US Defense Nuclear Agency contract, the first attempted in the Pacific Rim area. Waste separation-recycling-reuse-reduction, hazardous waste cleanup/containment, sewage sludge and animal manure composting & related fertilization/sustainable management of local landscaping, gardens and recreational grounds. Design/specify waste-processing equipment and infrastructure, collection and reuse guidelines/procedures, budget and cost analysis, recycling market research- efforts resulting in a reduced capacity for planned solid waste incinerator.

Solid Waste Management Proposals for two Andean communities, forwarded to UNDEP  & USAID under recommendation by Cayambe Mayor’s Office. A similar proposal authored for a remote tourist island community, the first such proposal attempted in Southern Thailand, resulting in first waste separation and recycling efforts on-island.

Wind Power Generation

Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand, 1992; Nira’s Home Bakery properties.

Design/Install: 500W pole-mount generator, battery bank, auto- switching, backup power for a remote island-based restaurant.


Bachelor of Science Degrees
Northern Arizona University, AZ, USA.
Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering.
graduation December 1982.


LEED Accredited Professional

US Green Building Council, Washington, DC, USA.

NC v2.2 Exam completed July 2008.

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT)

SOLO Wilderness Medicine, Conway, NH, USA.

completed March 2000.

Wilderness Leadership Educator

Course: 31-Day Pacific Northwest Educator Course

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Lander, WY, USA.

completed June 2000.

Photovoltaic Systems Designer/Instructor

Course: Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation.

Solar Energy International, Lexington, KY, USA.

Requirements completed April 2000.

Permaculture Designer/Instructor

Course Series: Fundamentals of Permaculture Design, Advanced Permaculture Design,

Permaculture Practicum.

The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, Summertown, TN, USA.

Requirements completed Summer Solstice, 2002.

Natural Buildings Designer/Instructor

Course Series: Natural Buildings Design and Construction, Natural Buildings Immersion.

The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, Summertown, TN, USA.

Requirements completed August 2002.

Reiki & Seichem Master-  Tera Mai system

Chakra Healing Center, Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand.

Instructor: Ellen Rankine

Requirements completed March 2004.

The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

Scottsdale Resort & Athletic Club, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.

Instructor: Christine Upchurch

Requirements completed May 2010.


Technical presentations:

Land Management Recommendations for Sustainable Applications at New Govardan Hill, Puerto Rico, regarding converting the property around a mountain-top temple for sustainable agricultural and income-production uses. Commissioned by/submitted to local Hare Krsna council.

La Concha Seca: a dry toilet with style, how to build a cob-walled Golden Spiral, vegetated-roof, dual-chambered dry toilet with local materials; discussion in dry & standard toilets, global wastewater issues.

Booklet addresses local build then underway at Pisambilla Community, Cayambe, Ecuador.

Published in Allpa magazine, 2005.

Works In Progress:

1. Ladakhi Organic Farming, how to design, plant and operate a no-loss garden or farm according to ancient Ladakhi tradition and Himalayan natural necessity. Discourse on local history, commercial farm industry coercion, outlines organic farming benefits.

2. The Everyperson's Biodigestor-  Enhancing Our Lives When Shit Happens,

regarding a simple, low-cost technique for producing biogas and organic fertilizer from sewage sludge, animal excreta, or organic feedstock.

3. SimPLife-  Living As We Are Best Evolved, being a DIY cookbook for simple health techniques and body products, suggestions in sustainability and making sense, rants and raves- a curious collection gathered from around the world.

4. The SimPL Solar Oven Builder, discussion in solar theory and cooking principles, oven build instructions and recipes.


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