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Privacy & Cancellations

your privacy:

SimPLy this.
SimPL will NOT, and sees no practical sense in,
using your information for other than correspondence between us.  
if EVER you receive an email or some marketing stunt from us that you don’t agree with,
PLEASE unsubscribe along with a nastygram telling us what bleeding idiots we are (that would be me), and you will be gone from our mailings.

privacy of others:
please do not attempt to use SimPL in order to contact other course participants!
contact for one party may be released to a second party, in-person or during courses ONLY.
but we ask that you please make your contacts on your own wiles.

it is our official opinion that information & identity-pedalling, whether legal or not,
is an unconscious act of greed, and an ethical crime.

let’s enjoy each others company, not abuse it.

deadlines and cancellations:

All cancellations, if received ON or BEFORE the deadline date,
will be refunded, less service fees.
All cancellations received AFTER the deadline, will be FORFEIT.

SimPL is continuously striving to provide the best conceivable learning experiences possible, for a fair price based on the most probable expenses of each course and the instructor(s). this price is NOT based on the currently accepted practice of market-driven opportunism.

SimPL exists for the joy of passing on vital, focused information, the doing of actions associated with same, and to bring experiences of joy and fun to the lives of other beings, whether animate or not.

for these reasons expenses can be tight at times, and we do ask that you focus, and be certain of your course and accommodation decisions well in advance of the event! walk-ins and late internet enrollments are possible, but we make no guarantee of this. we encourage you to Contact Us  if the deadline is near.

Communication: please know that we may be already hanging out at the course sites just prior to courses, where internet and communications are not the failsafe high-speed stuff we rely on in most countries. part of this is blessing- the air in Paradise is blissfully clear!

the part which is a real drag, is when we cannot receive your calls or emails, and you’re going nuts wondering why in hell we don’t answer. please be patient, and know that we will never penalize you because WE couldn’t answer the phone or mail BEFORE a deadline. you will be enrolled or refunded.

so you see, we truly need to know by strict dates what your intentions are in regards to courses and accommodation.

we SimPLy use the same date- 2 calendar weeks before the day of a course start-
for both the enrollment and cancellation deadline.

otherwise, you are not guaranteed that we will be able to enroll you or refund you in time-
and also allows time to scramble our own arrangements.

Please be advised, therefore, that a late change of plans on your end will end up as forfeit expense, as we will utilize all available capital for the purchase of course materials, maintenance and supplies, and we assume NO responsibility for losses claimed after agreed-upon deadlines have passed.


WE very much prefer that you do whatever possible to join the courses. of course.
 & we will do our best to see that it is well worth your involvement.
otherwise everything that has been done or stated by SimPL up to now, is well, kinda bullshit.