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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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THE certified DPC is a two-week, quite intense intensive, balanced between
Design    Lecture   &   Hands-On while integrating:

DAILY interactive, thinktank-style Design sessions
* with
1) permaculture
2) biodynamics
3) green building
4) bio-organic farming
5) earth oven construction
6) human world navigation
7) tools & skills training…. AND
) one main, on-site project build

           SimPLife Activist Adventures are Distinctive & Unique Permaculture &
     BioDynamics based, hands-on activist holidays, a choice of three Destinations:

Tropical Splendour or  Himalayan Grandeur  or  Fabled Shangri-La
Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand         The Kingdom of Ladakh           The Kingdom of Nepal

~ ALL ages, learning and experience levels WELCOME~


INSTEAD OF straight classroom lecture, the DPC is more like focused, active workshops within a course, which are based in Permaculture principles and philosophy but which actually exceed the permy scope.

In other words, the DPC goes where the permys normally don’t dare to tread, such as BioDynamics and the deep dive into the human-world environment, to examine how global movements operate and affect us.

YET rather than trying to cram too much into what for most is a working holiday, this DPC encourages engagers to take it all at their own personal comfort level, to sleep in or skip bits if they wish- so long as they realize personal desired outcomes.


TO certify or graduate, engagers are not tested per se, rather they are observed for their willingness to engage fairly- the experiences one must negotiate in the DPC simply by being present, becomes it’s own judge, and it’s own reward.

A signed, SimPLife Design Professional certificate
is awarded to each graduate,
a badge of perserverance if not creative excellence.
All things considered, this may be the most valuable trait
one can possess.

AS the description implies, this Course is far more than just Design, and resulting DPC grads are intended to be far more than just Designers.


The DPC focus is wholistic-
the comprehensive long view of contributing factors like:
useful, vital information,
experiential learn-by-doing,
permaculture & responsible earth-care as guideline,
truth & passions as driver.
ALL of which funnels into your new life’s Design.

A Rundown of Workshops within the DPC


THE backbone of the entire course: sensible and fundamental principles of earth & design, experiences and real-world examples provide a central focus, and serve as guideposts for all activities.


RELIABLE and ongoing rhythms of the Cosmos are shown here to be our ally in the flow of our Lives, and the growing of our alive and vital food.

The Ladakhi organic closed-cell farming method is showcased, then designed and implemented by all- as a simpl, sensible, economical, small or community farm, worldwide food production practice.


EXAMPLES abound in all SimPLife course locations, of practical and artful ways to build structures & habitat. Local tours will reveal many sites where methods are analyzed, and compared to building in other cultures of note.

At least one hands-on project will be engaged by the group during the Course, to improve and add benefit to our sacred visited ground.


THIS presents the blunt and pragmatic historical human landscape and the influences that we must all face and learn to play nice in- concluding in the all-important life’s razor from which we must all choose.

Let’s not spoil the surprise on this one- suffice to say, this has something to do with traps…

why should only corporate bullies have think tanks?

An interactive combination of
& gang-crossexamination.
are you paying attention? read on…

THE single most intriguing novelty of the tour-course perhaps is the Design process itself. Each engager is asked to bring their own plan or idea for design, as their personal topic to focus on.

FIRST, basic principles of permaculture & practical Design are presented, to plow the field, shall we say.

NEXT, The Seed Session ensues, whereby all engagers take turns giving a brief elevator-speech presentation to their newly-assembled guild. Seeds have thus been sown….

ONTO the daily Master Key, a concentrated focus where one engager each day plays “Master”, all others then key on that Master’s design for one session, until everyone’s designs have had their entire day to be mob-assisted with new ideas for elements, earth considerations or practical integrations.

Overmind, or Unseen Genius
ThinkTanking, taken this way produces a most intriguing, stunning phenomena- somewhat clinically referred to in Western culture as ‘third-person syndrome’- that uncanny way that in a focus group, more ideas can arise per-engager then each may normally conceive of alone. Begs the question, who else sits there, at the table

In SimPLife terms this is the ever-attendant Universe, drawn ever-beneficially into ThinkTank’s created vortex, the energetic event of high concentration found in all focused human gatherings from concerts to riots, festivals and battles of war.


ALL TOLD, one may be hard pressed to find so much experience-diversity in one course, which can only improve as engagers graciously offer their own inputs and panache to this celebratory, learning & connecting event.

HERE are the key terms to take away from this course, and this description:

INTERDEPENDENCY- that we all admit- and submit- that there is rich benefit by
allowing others to lend a hand to our game- provide a product, a talent, service or creative inspiration- and they acknowledge the benefit from you providing same, for them-

yet it’s acknowledgement in real terms- continued business & return sales, both-ways involvement & assured livelihood, based on known-good quality and reliability of souls-in-earnest who genuinely enjoy what they do.

BALANCE- knowledge is grand, yet impotent without the parlay by your own hand into physical, seen reality. HRH the Dalai Lama says it spot on:

“He who knows, and doesn’t do,
doesn’t know.”

GUILD- your lifelong human partners in creative-activism, each with a built-in interest in your fulfillments- simply by being in the same creative space while learning the same subjects- are your crucial treasure trove of incalculable value. respect each fellow engager for their own unique abilities and style- keep them close and never let them go.

SELF-RELIANCE- sure, isn’t this where we all want to be? add to that thought the inclusion of all persons and keys above, and know that you can deliver the self-powered experience to your lifescape- so long as lifelessons remain as your guideposts, and perserverance remains your staff.

enjoy it all in the best of spirits. and bring a notebook.


We are so excited for anyone who arrives on our shores,
                      or there on
    the roof of the world.        
(all locations)

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