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Light, the story

why tell

...that nassim haramein solved the golden egg of physics- einstein's field equations- with a mere farthing of 17 formulae consistent with light concept. he calculates further to find the embodied energy of a single entity, human, accounts for more than the sum total of the known cosmos combined.

that fritz popp has chronicled human biophotons since the 1970's, and was originally flung to the streets with his light, and lucky only that it was not fashionable then to tar-and-feather. proceeded he to scrap together a whole discipine, biophotonics, whose swan song is the liberation of light from its narrow human-relegated assignments.




there is something afoul in ‘Truth’ when we prefer a thing over another in the telling of it, and again there is the wild blinding divine promise of the limitless all in Light, and whatever seamwork i must apply to the checkered lotto-bucket of facts will paint my preference onto the story, plain and simple.

because we curious human-constructs are indeed the seamsters of fact-to-flow, even in the most unbearably dry accounting tablature. extinguishers of so what. not all fact-observance will flow into crevaces of tendraling thoughts and phrase, nor write themselves a train of thought. and we however thorough never will hold enough piece-proofs to avoid the logical leaps, at the story's time to tell. we make it smooth and good for travel. in 1905 careful flash and mirrors filled a blind satchel of fact, solid bits for spanning relativity's folly, but it was einstein who took us over.

this is my current truth at the time of writing. that is changing as we speak, always comes news, more to weigh. no einstein. have not i, a labcoat. i grub through the pockets of labcoats, rifle thru wastebaskets, pilfer their numbers and analysis, suffer risk at the hands of interpretation. through we hope the best behaved filtering to the best i can intuit. how much is bent of that gorgeous raw story by desire, and does truth stray.

the story is one vision of seamlessness in the machinations of a plane at once painful, infuriating and splendorous beyond interpretation. i should not argue that the source of it all, fill in the blank, is anything less than it is, and a plane of the outrageous magnitude that we experience together, is borne of that.

light in science bears out the continuos adherence to focused coding and process, throughout the spectra of ether's edge to subatomics to galaxies and multiverses still more, that we humans have applied Light concept to the little bits we watch it construct and manage the monkey hologram of us, and bring it all right up the scale to describe properties and behavior of yawing behemoths in the very far night.

light in the mystical prophecies has always promised it so.

we haven't had, with all our prowess, a seamless-web concept of All Life together, not one that works, leading the disturbed to ponder if by not knowing all of it together, do we in fact know anything cogent about the parts. or, did we not yet peel the onion?

we add organizational and originational consistency to the classics of the density-focused biology, physics, of psychologies, nutrition and martial arts, with the cultural unveiling of light's 'wiring under the board into eternity' per terence mckenna, and yes dorothy we shall have a wee peek at the man behind the curtain- now, that the recent among our curious tribesfolk, tapping on rocks, uncovered what patiently lie in wait.

boldly if need be, we are free to expand our consideration of light in matters of spirit to include and behold- that the overarching, physical root mechanism of all science is light, come to itself, and clearing wide passage through the aching old fences between our sister passions.

light concept in society appears now oozing timidly the brambly resistance of majority influence. it glints, at times catches the eye. we behold light by optical and measurement equipment, by the mathematics and physics of a mechanical root of existence rubbing hips with source information, rediscovered enriched flourished by worldwide labs and technical centers of focus, and brought public by the multimedia show of the new gameover celebrity light pioneers- that until the latter-20th century we hadn't made room for in our compendium of useable data.

light insinuates by charter and nature, and finds passage through the minutest of breach to arrive in our midst via these tellings now for a time,

at large unbidden and available- the Divine angling a wink our way. decision. do we go to her, learn our truths about her light.....
this knowledge too is subject to removal at any time by encouraged public apathy.

the invitation is to raw findings and stories told of physical light- by heroes in concept, survivors in deed- to be found in the sources below rant one. rather that is the start of it. what causes these keytaps to ring is a desire that a foreigner neighbor geek janitor owner farmer manager housewife homeless world leader dancer, shall one day complement this consideration of light as life's physical source into life's how-to, within their own perceived spiralling matrix.

we are each being shown the progressing blueprint of operation for a physical plane of existence which starts from the output point of the ether- the presently perceived information and sensory barrier, renamed here as source energy- as the plane progresses from space vacuum to visible light to energy to dense construct and scale- that consciousness thru the monkey body human hologram, can verify practice and engage in source energy principles thereof, as beings part-and-parcel to the very planetary plane being hereby charted.

Here, Mind wanders forward and begs, so....with an understanding of light-construct in physical creation, does understanding bring one to greater command or influence in one's perceived universe; as this may be the now-perceived physical mechanics of the source exchange, does it suggest a latent power freely available that awaits the mere finding out of facts- does it imply the power-something was always there.


is the invitation now spelled differently, does it implore to witness these truths self-evident via our cousin forms which surround, do we take the journey internal to know this 'self' and claim all as our domain. manifestation according to per-entity unique spin.

in grandesse, the voyage.

cool runnings, voyager


SimPL designer environmental engineer world wandering wordweaver

into the practice of light:

Light & Healing

The Reconnection. Reiki. These are practices which have disposition to change light organization in the personal field and body flow, a dance in the Great Mystery, whereas 'results' however dramatic, are untethered from the realm of what is consciously felt or even hoped-for.

Understanding that light healing and field-change practice is not the passion nor even the likely experience of all, therefore i heartily invite only those feel keenly towards it.


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