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Light Becomes Us

We are Beings of Light.

For most of us, to hear that statement will result in a response that we’ve kept ready for years, as we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we. The information you are about to receive, however, may add volumes to that statement, in real-world, physical, measurable terms.

What follows are conclusions and suggestions based on results of my own biophysics notetaking, not intended to be the last word in knowledge, but offered as evidence that we are evolving enough (at least scientifically) to allow large chunks at a time, of Divine Universal secrets to come crashing into our knowledge base.

The New Agers and spiritual messengers in our midst speak of  ‘The Light’, in terms that most of us cheerfully assume to be analogy or metaphysical poetry. What I am talking about here is actual electromagnetic waves of visible radiation, physically observed entering and leaving a body, continuously, with apparent purpose.

From ultra-sensitive equipment within carefully controlled laboratory settings, Light is now routinely being watched and charted, travelling in and out of the biological packaging of earthly Life, communicating within cells, between cells, between organs, between fellows, outwards to the surrounding environment- and still beyond to the unknown ether.

The Future of Nobel

In the 1970’s, the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that our biologies seem to operate on Light. He had first discovered that certain cancer-causing agents had a habit of scrambling light- absorbing one frequency of light, and emitting quite another. Since this evaded known biological principle, Popp and his team were intrigued to the point of setting up ways to observe light interacting with various lifeforms.

Thus, once they saw how minute specs of light were passing between severed pieces of a cucumber seedling, they not only began to see how light is present in biology, but were cracking open a rather large clue as to the nature of physical Life itself.

The optical machinery first used by Dr. Popp report-
edly could detect a candleflame at 20 kilometers.

The Field

The Human Energy Field, sometimes called the Aural Matrix, the Morphogenetic Field, or simply aura, is an observable envelope surrounding each anatomy with myriad waves and patterns of light in a seamless condition of emanation and reception.

Popp’s shattering research reveals that from this field are apparently found the virtues of human thought, emotion, and sustenance, that earthly lifeforms are much less the physically constrained slaves of cause and effect- per the model of classical thought and culture- than they are temporary storehouses of light energy, or if you will, Spirit strapping on your mantle, in for a physical visit.


At the fundamental or quantum level, this light which is present in all biological substance, exists as individual packets in the visible to UV range called biophotons, which as a group make up electromagnetic waves. These have a plethora of tasks and functions within an organism, largely according to frequency.

Biophotons were first discovered in 1923, yet fell out of common pursuit, presumably due to the possibilities being too advanced for researchers of the era to imply, or accept. Via precise technology which now makes this knowledge observable, biophoton emissions are measureable from a few to hundreds of blips being emitted from the surface of a lifeform per square centimeter of area, every second.

             water biophotons

The Evolutionary Ladder

Apparently, the more complex an organism the fewer biophotons are emitted, and a healthy organism emits fewer biophotons than an ill one. A healthy human being might emit 10 per second for every square centimeter of body surface, and a plant emits 100, for example.

Thus, higher lifeforms are awarded more homeostasis or self-regulation, generating and harvesting light in a largely inside game, giving them the edge on autonomous existence, as compared to their green rooted cousins.

Light Makes Choice Possible

From Whom or What they are thus awarded, is the hot Divine debate which shall not be attempted here, instead the reader is invited to focus on the apparent workings of the award, and go from there. This story of biological light sets up complex organisms to have command over more physical conditions during their existence- location, food, health, protection- and introduces the possibility of luxury: preference, comfort, association, lifestyle, independence.

The ability of lifeforms to manage light internally determines choice, which ultimately sets lifeforms apart. The higher the lifeform, the more self-contained its Light, the more independence from environment, thus the more able to change its life story here on the planet- and create its own reality. Again thru a biology discussion we curiously intersect with New Age philosophy.

Having Fun On DeoxyriboNucleic Acid

Human DNA is a six-foot long molecule- tall enough to dance with- takes 100,000 pages of computer code to describe, comprises all one’s chromosome pairs and gene banks, and it details every nuance of a Life both known and undiscovered, from body and personality type to sexual leanings to color & sofa upholstery preference to career and political motives to illness scheduling, and well beyond that which one cares not to know.

Physicist Nassim Haramein, another strong Nobel potentiate, asks: If laid end-to-end along the ground, would all your body’s DNA reach around the world? Once, ten times do you think?

How about five million times? There are trillions of cells in your body actively functioning as we speak, each with a DNA curled up on a sofa there in the nucleus.

DNA is at the center of all biological function and present in every cell of most every lifeform on the planet. And every cell in any lifeform contains exactly the same cloned DNA as every other cell in that lifeform, and no two lifeforms have exactly the same DNA.

Therefore, your DNA is yours alone.

Popp found also that DNA utilizes light in order to operate. According to Lynne McTaggert in The Field,

“These and other studies proved to Popp that one of the most essential sources of light and biophoton emissions was DNA. DNA was like the master tuning fork of the body. It would strike a particular frequency and certain molecules would follow. It was also possible, he realized, that he had stumbled upon the missing link in current DNA theory that could account for perhaps the greatest miracle of all in human biology - how a single cell can turn into a fully formed human being”.

Cellular Trigger

Biological processes are, ultimately, triggered chemical reactions at the cellular level. Nothing may occur within an organism- no movement, growth, response, not a thought- until DNA triggers a chemical reaction, and no chemical reaction is possible until light triggers it. Thus, no biology on our planet is possible without Light.

A Wild Dance of Light

As an analogy, think of DNA as a Howitzer in a spherical battlefield, spewing light in all directions, itself a fabulous dizzying spectacle of triggering, reporting, generating and gathering light. Roughly 100,000 reactions per second is about par in a normal human cell, and as a storehouse DNA holds on average about 3 billion biophotons at any given moment.

A genetic flaw or irregularity, or illness in a lifeform thus is akin to a misfiring of light within the cadence, or diminished coherence of light during certain processes. Coherence is a measure of vitality or efficiency from the perspective of light, and defined as the balance between chaos and order.

If a body cell were to exist outside the constraints of surrounding tissue, it would be spherical, would glow, and it would hum. This makes one wonder what we must look like to lifeforms of advanced sensitivities.

Heart Trumps Brain

Popp went on to gather proofs that biological life is in essence holistic, with groups of cells and organs all coordinated and communicating via one central orchestrator. This premise was later confirmed by several other studies, including HeartMath Institute, which has determined the heart organ to be the command center of animal lifeforms.

According to HeartMath, the heart is a kind of wave pump in multiplicity- emitting not only fluid corpuscular waves, but waves of light, pressure, heat and sound as well, a grand choreography to move all bodily function including emotion and sensory data, along in timely cadence.

Every major process and conscious function physically originates in the heart which signals the affected organ or regional tissues, triggers responses, and reports finally back to the brain. The brain in this example is apparently the last to know, in a staggering reversal of classical anatomical assumption.

Individual cells have also been found to be aware of the entire organism at once, via systemwide light communication. It is well to mention this, as many will be relieved to know that the left hand indeed knows what the right hand is doing.

The Meaning of Nutrition

Substance intake, be it air, fluids, food, medicines and drugs, or environmental influence, is largely a harvest of light. Any nutriment is separated to useful elements such as carbon dioxide, water and stored light, which is disseminated by frequency and delivered to the DNA of cells having need of it.

The human organism apparently features a feedback mechanism which anticipates incoming light at the point of entry- perhaps at the point of eminent decision- and prepares the proper mechanisms to capture, liberate, and deliver said product to the awaiting cellular docks, called substrates.

So-called miracle cures or wildly healthy substances likely achieve their titles by being a unique provider of light in those frequencies or conditions for which an individual’s bodily processes- or the governing human culture’s processes- exhibit a lack.

Photon Sucking

Lifeforms have the curious innate ability to hoover up biophotons when they drift close to light sources, like, other lifeforms. This has earned the euphemistic title of ‘photon sucking’ by our Dr. Popp. Plants and humans have been measured engaging in this practice, suggesting the multi-sensory nature of communication- and expanding our definition of what it means to be physically alive.

Perhaps this will harken our hastened evolution, as a fuller grasp of our ‘light-behaviour’ is likely to lead to the practice and refinement of the psychic arts, though it may help the marketing effort if we were to rename the process.

Photon sucking is accredited to the success of group behavior, as example, the precision timing and choreography of a flock of birds in high-speed flight is not likely to be conscious decision-making by all members in real-time. Standard choice-processing is not only dreadfully slow, but on our planet- to assume that any group of entities would agree- in unison- about any move in life, just invites the inevitable colliding masses of bone-and-feather.

The squadron leader, or dominant captain in the formation, chooses the flight path for the group, sends out that intention via light, and the rest follow on auto-pilot. In-flight wireless, without commercial interruption.

This may also be the delivery mechanism of phenomena such as telepathy and clairvoyance, perhaps even the vehicle by which the Akashic Library- a term used by some to describe the histories and workings of all Life in all planes- is compiled.

The issue of whether or not Light can ever be ‘casually’ or even mistakenly emitted is an interesting debate, and likely to increase in scope and public interest, lest evidence surfaces one way or another.

This is key to determine, as it may lead Science closer to the metaphysical concept of universal connection, or a unified field theory of light as the sole operator of physical life, projecting expressions of form and property and units of consciousness. A rather large theory indeed, in the face of classical Science as we now understand it.

Health and Illness

Lifeforms exhibit more biophoton emissions during illness or out of balance conditions, due to inefficient managing of biophoton wave states. A state of good health results in less emissions, reflecting coherence or resonance between DNA and corresponding functions. A cure for illness is arrived at when an influence rebalances the relationships between DNA and its functional partners.

Three Influences on Light

Light in the body can be thought to have three sources of input. Although the three are apparently the same one source, it is to our advantage to define different aspects of Light, that we can describe and therefore engage with or affect :

The first is the apparent presence of a Creator Field if you will, or the overseeing Source Energy which feeds light from the unseen ether or non-detectable enveloping bath of Light around the organism. There is some uncertainty as to the relationship between that which acts as supply, and the measurable Human Energy Field described earlier.

Whether the Human Field represents the source, or is merely resident to the lifeform- and strictly a result of acting outside forces- is still an uncertainty amongst researchers and metaphysicists alike, since the source supply or field cannot yet be seen or measured.

The second is substance intake, described earlier and including effects from the surrounding physical environment.

The third can be described as self-generation, or that light manifested by the internal suggestion and coherence of the organism itself.


The changing or improvement of light conditions in a lifeform will also occur via one or more of the three mentioned Influences.

Light and intentional healing modalities, also termed Informational Medicine, that are applied to a lifeform via a practitioner, seek to change disturbed light in The Field. This may be considered the most direct or effective method, since the intention occurs on the side of Source energy, and ‘before’ the complexities of physical density are encountered.

Modern humans rely more on changing their state of light thru substance intake than by other means, due to cultural conditioning. Medicine, vital foods, and homeopathy are examples of this category.

Self-healing, or internally attracting the aspect of vital and robust health, intends to change a state of light via meditative or repeated internal suggestion. Many well-known and dramatic healings have also resulted from laughter or feel-good therapies, also utilizing internal suggestion.

Whats It All Mean, Then

There are implications both great and small, for the emergence of Light into our biology-consciousness. At the least, it is a viable player in the long daisy-chain of biological progression from source origin-to-physical body.

As an anatomical component, Light tends to simplify matters at many points, explaining the presence of those crucial items such as DNA and the various heart waves, and the existence of those pesky physically-unexplainable details such as auras and energy meridians.

Taking Light more literally, with just the slightest leap of faith, we may conclude that we are utterly and completely Light Bodies, that Light not only runs our biology, thoughts and quality of experience in physical life, but IS what we are comprised of.

Our biologies and indeed all matter in the physical Universe can be viably argued to be densified Light, frequency-lowered to create visible, opaque objects with reliable and repeatable properties. Lifeforms might then be re-considered as holographic intentional projections of Source Energy, put here to experience physical Life in some adventurous way, or to learn something novel in one chapter of life’s ongoing journey.

Indeed, looking at the human body at all levels of detail reveals only more light, from the smallest subatomic phenomena to the experiential bath which also binds and nurtures the Global Collective- as in planetary Fields,  specieswide biological clocks, and distance healings.

To me, this is a trumpet call of earth-shattering announcement.

These recently assembled details about Biology and Light finally reveal what we are, not merely human meatsuits on the Physical Plane. This new collective bio heralds our true origin, synthesis and sustenance, and blasts most every fundamental notion within the disciplines of classical Natural Science.

Yet, how slowly Truth bleeds to the surface. Our Dr. Popp himself was eventually booted out of his job as a radiology professor for having the audacity to bring Light to the face of Banal Science. He spent many a year in professional misery, denounced by cronies and all spokespersons in his field, shut from every door of peer review.

It was 25 years before Popp could create the International Institute of Biophysics by coaxing in colleagues, and slowly wedge ajar the cautious waking of the commercially-grogged Science Mind. Today the Institute and the field of biogenetic research finally boasts scores of researchers around the world.

It is little wonder that the praises of these developments are not sung far and wide even today, that the everyday miracle of our Light is kept absent from the mainstream knowledge base. Though these phenomena are borne of reliable and repeatable scientific experimentation and observance- the requisite gate passes to enter the stuffy court of Viable Scientific Opinion- alas too many esteemed and established careers- and industries- would be made extinct by the sheer volume of discovery which happen almost daily now.

Thus the battle lines are drawn, and Truth is the least of it. However, the advancement  of both our human scientific enterprise and our collective unconscious, call forth an attraction no longer easily thwarted. Perhaps the Court of Public Opinion will soon have its day, on how much Light we are allowed to let in.

Captain’s Log- I will update as is possible, this and other posts. Please stay tuned, and read what you can find around the place. I do regret having to turn off the comments valve- the spamsta flood was goofily lapping at the ceiling timbers. cheers


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