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Further Light Research

Read all about it! Recent findings which cast wide questions at the assumptions of Classical Biology and Physics- and of Society in general, and describe a framework for the workings of Light and Informational Medicine. Advanced technology has been able to determine beyond any doubt, that Light is the source of the physical plane, as fantastical as this may seem- learn how Light comprises our anatomies, all lifeforms and processes:                   
Light Becomes Us


(aka John Imlach)

Healing I,II,III (2010)
Reiki/Seichem Master (2004)
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
LEED Accredited Professional

             im lives in:
     Leh, Ladakh, INDIA
          Panauti, NEPAL

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Sessions in Light and Energy

Light and Us- The Inseparable Pair.

WE ARE Light-Beings. That is to say, our biologies consist of and are determined by, Light and Energy. What we know as "Body", solid-matter flesh and bone, is only the dense, organized form of this Light- the Body is a mere tiny percentage of our overall Presence in this world, as there are other realms and vibrations we are likely engaged in. This is a hard Truth for us nowadays to accept, yes. Our people in technology have been working on Light's role in biology, behind the scenes, since 1923, and can answer far more of these questions- in physical, mechanical terms- than perhaps most of us are prepared to hear.

NO LONGER is talk of Light and energy, the sole property of Mystics and New Agers.

As we speak, research teams around the Planet are getting to know the Light which surrounds and infuses us- watching Light, the operator of our every biological function  and mood, from the perspective of  body cells and of the Noetic Matrix. Simply known as The Field, this noetic aural-matrix of Light and Energy halos every lifeform and every expression of focused intention in our physical reality, and is concentrated within our physical forms by way of cellular DNA,   energy meridians or light highways, and the Heart.

Light-based Healings have been commonplace for years, although largely kept out of mainstream media. When healing accounts do surface, they are often labeled as rare, "miracle" healings, and relegated to the realm of amazement, rather than embraced as an everyday phenomena.

What healings and treatments you receive is your choice, your birthright. Herein choices are provided to that end- though we'd rather think of it as your new beginning…

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The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing®

This simpl and powerful modality has dramatically improved the well-being and lives of people, animals,  and environments worldwide.  The Reconnection® & Reconnective Healing® work by changing disturbed information in the Human Energy Field, without actual physical contact- at times without even knowing the face, name or whereabouts of the intended client.

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