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im once wrote this shorty bio-  

Environmental Engineer/Researcher,  Permaculture Designer/ Instructor, Reconnection Practitioner, world sojourner, Writer of Impressive Titles. Engaging the fantastic and passing it on!

OK, that gets me maybe average marks in freshman marketing. but, kind of bullshit.
more important for me right now to establish an informal rapport with you. i certainly hope its happening.

personally i am beyond fed up with seeing the sterile corporate profiles of folks who teach or sell or seek to impress. so i'll splay the casual profiling below, or we can cut to the tech and show you how mad love is:  SimPL project summary


(aka john imlach)

...has been sojourning, digging, building, swatting, planting, sweating, writing, teaching, swearing, rinsing and repeating since 1984. In 1991, prior to the dawn of certification, im created SimPL as a comprehensive practice of sensible, practical living*, a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase.

To date, im (in the guise of SimPL) has completed projects of this aforementioned nature in a dozen countries or so. The incompleted ones are all over the place.

Complementing this wide range of experiences, im brings to the project a veritable cornucopia of mostly overrated and generally unnecessary certification:

engage. this life is not passive.


im, during earth oven build, Thailand 2014

BS Electrical Engineering (1982)
BS Civil Engineering (1982)
LEED Accredited Professional (2008)
Permaculture Designer, certified (2002)
Solar PV Install/Design, certified (2000)
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician,
SOLO certified (2000)
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS certified (2000)
Reconnection Practitioner, certified (2010)
Reiki Master,  certified (2004)

*only later to discover that earth-practice terms like ‘permaculture’ & ‘biodynamics’had been coined, copyrighted, and established as market categories for new business opportunities. life became a practice, verified by paper decrees framed on parlour walls. good. it brings via fad-fetish, numbers of humans to prepare for something far more serious than will be believed…

society animal,
colorado 1987

SimPL Director, simpl guy

society animal, colorado 1987

you the course participant or client, need to see an engineer/instructors’ background. a question of SimPL having the goiters to deliver the goods. here lies the need to impress you, sell you- or no deal.

you in a rush? here you go, a full life’s experience:  SimPL project summary

im during an earth oven build, thailand 2014

      im (aka john imlach)