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Course Description:
SimPL Bio-Organic Farming
(Ladakh Method Organic Farming, Utilizing BioDynamic Rhythms)

10 days, 11 nights, 60 hours lecture & hands-on  
Course Rate: 250 Euros*, including meals & accommodation

Course Overview

a suggestion to start: There is a lot of detail here. we ask, that you please NOT be discouraged or overwhelmed! (too much information? SimPLy BOOK, and we’ll see you soon…..) as in all things, we find it most comforting to body and mind when we take in new experience at the rate and manner which we enjoy the most- when you are here, there will be ample time to wade through, question and absorb...

for old farmhands or first-timers in the field, this is the real-experience meeting of human to earth, and seed to soil. work alongside our Ladakhi family as they go about their normal early-spring routine of planting the food that their survival will depend upon, during the isolation and deep-freeze  of rural Ladakhi winter.

the biodynamics lesson: engaging earth via the ancient, observed natural rhythms ensures the highest probability of highest quality produce, and reduces negative effects from insects, soil and our own interactions.

What To Expect From This Course

you will:

- learn the skills and tools necessary to plan and execute an effective system of organic, biodynamically- driven food production, for personal and community benefit.

- be working and meeting with traditional rural himalayan people mainly of Tibetan origin, living simply & peacefully in a village built in the old ways, of local materials.

- learn the vital influences of moon, sun, planets, zodiac (far cosmos) - and earth, how it all interacts & how to use a biodynamics calendar to determine the optimal and take-a-break days for farm actions.

- learn how to use a biodynamics calendar to easily determine your farming activity schedule.

- learn how to prepare and enrich soil using the Ladakhi method of organic farming, advantageous in most every ecosystem.

- learn the key importance of seed, and the critical role that seed plays in personal and cultural autonomy.

- become familiar with the use and care of simpl farm tooling and equipment, without the need for large expense.

- hear the personal experiences of local guest speakers, as they describe life in modern- and ancient- Ladakh.

- learn some of the different farming methods used around the world, and the benefits & drawbacks of each.

(* sign up for Bio-Organic Farming I before June 1 and receive a 50% discount on the course)


( 10-day course,  11 nights lodging,  meals included )

day before:
YOUR arrival date

                   check-in,  welcome    4 - 9 pm
                    & integration   

                    dinner                    6 - 8:30 pm

during the course

    course            9:30 am  -  5:00 pm
   evening program   8:30 -  9:30 pm
   lights out (suggested)      11:00 pm

   breakfast                     8 - 9:30 am
   lunch & rest         12:30 - 2:00 pm
   dinner                         6 - 8:30 pm

day after    

      check-out &
      outegration 10 am - 12 pm

     brunch                 9 - ?    am

Ladakh course schedules

Himalayan Acclimitizer

The  Course

Day                                          Focus                                       Detail                              

Morning Chat: how we got into
chemical world, basic definitions, Ladakhi culture & history

Field Action: tool intro, meeting the locals, initial farm field layout

Evening Program: guest speaker



Getting Started

ALL About the Soil
mycelium, compost, soil
amendments & farm animals

Morning Chat: what is soil, soil building, soil structure

Field Action: field structures- canals, cells, dimensions & watering

Evening Program: share personal experiences


Companion Planting,
Worldwide Farming Styles

Morning Chat: what is companion planting, farmstyle comparisons

Field Action: build a composter, start
a slurry bucket, field work

Evening Program: earth-action film


ALL About the SEED

Morning Chat: the significance of seed in today’s world, Navdanya, Vandana Shiva & sacred activism

Field Action: meet the seeds,  field work

Evening Program: earth-action film


 BioDynamics Primer

Morning Chat: what is bioDynamics, Rudolph Steiner vs. Hydrocarbons

Field Action: planting the seeds, field work

Evening Program: earth-action film


BioDynamics -
Moon Rhythms

Morning Chat: the six moon rhythms

Field Action: planting the seeds, field work

Evening Program: guest speaker


BioDynamics -
Earth, Sun & Planetary

Morning Chat: earth breathing, sun rhythms & planetary influences

Field Action: planting the seeds, field work

Evening Program: earth-action film


BioDynamics -
Zodiac Rhythms

Morning Chat: earth breathing, sun rythms

Field Action: planting the seeds, field work

Evening Program: design MasterPlan


BioDynamics -
Cultivation, Composting &
Preps, Transplanting
& Harvest

Morning Chat: matching farm activity with rhythms

Field Action: planting the seeds, field work

Evening Program: design MasterPlan II


the Dream Farm

Morning Chat: masterplan                           presentations

Field Action: optimizing the field work - inspection & maintenance

Evening Program: masterplan                               presentations