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Explaining Ourselves
~ making sense of SimPL Ladakh Schedules & Rates ~

1. all proceeds to benefit Norboo Spon Guesthouse - and continuing efforts there, to preserve the Ladakhi ancient way of life, through high-quality accommodation, organic food production and preparation, traditional habitat construction & upkeep, and sharing a fruitful & simpl lifestyle with all the joys of living in Himalayan splendour.

2. how to enroll in a course
you start by reserving a room from a booking site on the booking page, payable in Euros. all other details are explained there. when you arrive at the Guesthouse, the remaining charges will be paid in Indian Rupees.

3. please feel free to contact us
- if there is a missing detail or if you have special requests we will respond as soon as we can by personal email.
- if there be dates YOU prefer. we do appreciate a little design help, from time to time!

phone contacts:
call Norboo Spon Guesthouse at +91 19822-27137 office, or  +91 941 999 1510 mobile
please note that phone coverage is generally poor- please keep trying!

4.  indian visa story - this is a subject which is a perennial thorn in the side,
to even the most seasoned of travellers. be advised that visa processing time is at least one week to ten days.
BE SURE to obtain your Indian visa PRIOR to booking definite arrival dates for Ladakh.
visit your nearest Indian consulate, or utilize a visa service to get processed as early as possible.

5. all rates include - unless otherwise optioned, all rates include course participation, shared accom-modation & food while at the Guesthouse. schedules and rates are subject to change. as this is a Ladakhi traditional homestay, living is a shared experience. bathrooms are shared yet clean with modern amenities & ample space, along with dining & activities.  additional Guesthouse services include telephone, laundry service- and travel arrangements, from home to/from Ladakh & Guesthouse.
although planned,
no internet in Likir at this time.

6. no-lodging option - some of the courses are optioned to those who wish
to stay at other fine accommodation spots in Likir.
arrangements for those, are the responsibility of the interested party.

7. Cabin Fever madRates - include full accommodation, food, and course fees.
this discount exists as an early-season Guesthouse fundraiser,
whereby participants and organizers can benefit.
please feel free to contact us, to verify all rates and specials.

8. liability & losses due to theft or negligence -
Norboo Spon Guesthouse is not responsible for losses due to theft or negligence.
although this is not at all a common occurrence in our experience,
it is wise to be mindful everywhere we go, of protecting our precious bits.

neither is the Guesthouse or any associated individuals to be held liable
for injuries or other personal mishaps incurred by guests while there.
the official Guesthouse and SimPL Ladakh policy is to consider life as a
precious gift that we each take personal ownership of, and responsibility for.

9. high-altitude - all course participants are reminded that this is a location of high-altitude (3500m) and changing weather conditions- do bring warm clothing, parkas, workboots, headwarmers & workgloves, AND allow for altitude adjustment prior to the start of the proceedings, to stay vibrant, sharp & alert during the course. for this reason the Himalayan Acclimitizer is offered.

10. local walk-ins (all courses) - all persons already in Ladakh at course time,
are welcome to call or visit the Guesthouse to arrange for enrollment,
if the course is still being held open.

11. need travel ? Likir is a great launch-point for many of the fine offerings of Ladakh- and a one hour drive to/from Leh. this affords you easy access to the best trekking trailheads, Leh events (without having to live in the busy capital), and travel to magnificent sites and nature. the Guesthouse can arrange. as part of our normal service to customers, all your needed travel - just let us know!

12. our daily diet & special diets - the diet served at the Guesthouse is
organic lacto-vegetarian, gotten from the local farmer ladies  
or grown right here on the premises. this includes
animal by-products but not bodies. you won’t find even an egg
on the premises. gluten and dairy, nuts & wheat are in the menu,
so let us know if this is not acceptable for you, and we will arrange something special.

Course-Specific notes

* Hello Dalai ! - rate covers accommodation & food,  but not travels to/from the guesthouse. group travel to the event must be arranged as early as possible, as transportation services will be at a premium at this time. guests are welcome to engage with farming or other SimPL activities during this stay, and may be invited into a workshop- at our option.

Natural Building Immersion - a higher course rate is due to the high cost of local resources & construction material costs. all course participants must stay at the Guesthouse, due to the intensive focus of the course.


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