the view from Likir village, Ladakh


   multiplicity for


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 below, a taster of the surface planet’s own simpl permaculture.
green building icons, which stand up favorably, in the long view,
to the best and brightest of all humanly-contrived structural components

How Green is My Mud

                  Earth Ovens             

the lizard king,  a mud wall sculpture on cob,
 USA 2002

the gentleman, thailand 2014

strawbale & earthbag skeleton of the roundhouse, TN, USA 2000

Natural Habitat

use simpl mud, Earth, cob,
to build low cost, high-quality habitat.
green building’s ancientmost tool for
comfortable, simpl living

create a local sensation! simply shape with earth,
to generate & retain heat in style-
sculpt a fantastic crowd-gathering oven
for gracing your food and warming your spaces

           Jabba the Hot
showcasing a SimPL earth oven workshop at
Earth Mountain Education Farm, Weston, CO, USA

locally-grown bundled straw,
grasses, reeds & stalky weeds…
yet another brilliant & simpl  green building material
for creating quality Habitat

gandalph earth oven with roundhouseThe Roundhouse:
A Green Building
Project Tour

a SimPL project walk-through of The Roundhouse, a
strawbale - earthbag - cob hybrid-method green building. constructed in conjunction with
The Farm Ecovillage Training Center , TN, USA


                                 Boo-Crete Project Tour


Miracle Water Tank

Bamboo: Green Steel

What the feck is Boo-Crete?
a SimPL project walk-through of
bamboo as structural reinforcement-
uncommonly brilliant stuff.

constructed in conjunction with Allpa Janpirina Eco-Institute,
Cayambe, Ecuador