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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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PIZZA in town!

so, say hello to....

Jabba the Hot !

  construction details       below, but first….

This is the story of hands o mud,                    working with Enduring, Artful Grandeur, showcasing pure permaculture and multiplicity, prudent economics, sensible tech, resource efficiency, and enhanced lifestyle- not to mention the best

Jabba the Hot

mouth of fire inonot white plastered

       A SimPL Earth Oven             …a shortlist of some dirty little darlings
Photo Gallery                        arising over the years

this IS the best bread TRY ITlifes best pizzainonots backside hairdo

B. INONOT, a vented clay-brick oven, using 3 local clays, clay floor, rock & clay base. NO cement.
    Total cost $10.  NoMind Homestay, Likir, Ladakh 2013.

gandalfs lair sealed door gandalf the furious n roundhouse gandalf w side stove

A. GANDALF the FURIOUS, a non-vented oven w/ three-layer heat chamber, brick floor, rock &
     lime-earth base. Total cost $15.  The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, Tennessee, USA 2002.

hands-o-mud im n crew jabba at night goofin w jabba jabba by day

C. Jabba the Hot,  Total cost $10.  Earth Mountain Education Farm, Colorado, USA 2008.   
                                                                                 See details below…

tech expert mouthful o bread

mouth of fire

  her first PIZZA

lifes best 20-minute bread

after lime plastering

backside hairdo

outside, a friend

   adjacent earth stove,
  for gandalf’s wood coals

        sealed-chamber baking,

              gandalfs lair,        with matching
                                              earth house

hungry by day

romantic at night

our technical expert

goofin w/ jabba-zygote

a simpl crew

Earth Ovens
Sculpt Your Own Wood-Fired
Pleasure Dome

sculpt an oven for yourself,
make income sculpting for others.

                     many recent ovens and styles for study     
                                                                     on location in Thailand & Ladakh
                                       start to finish, step-by-step sculpting

                                    How To Sculpt An Earth Oven
lifetime coaching for all SimPLife Members.

a SimPLife online course….coming soon

The rise of Jabba the Hot…
- a saga of spontaneous insanity, shale clay & some stoics

A SimPL Earth Oven workshop
Earth Mountain Education Farm, Weston, CO July 2008

Earth Mountain Education Farm lies in the Rockies around Weston, Colorado. this place is the real deal, bumpkin style. proprietors Carter Morris & family ply the permaculture lifestyle…