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What To Expect From This Course

Multiplicity’s finest hour   

WHY this is nearly the ideal SimPLife workshop: in 4 days, we tackle the disciplines of-


A. ROCK CONSTRUCTION & NATURAL MASONRY. when we construct the base, we essentially are making a curved rock wall which joins itself at both ends. from doing this, you can build a rock wall anywhere, straight or curved, for a house, a fence, path, road, floor, you name it.

B. EARTH & CLAY CONSTRUCTION. the oven, or heat chamber itself is a prime showcase of properties, for one of the most versatile, amazing substances in our midst- namely, DIRT. the thermal, accoustical, rock-hard AND elastic nature of selected dirts can BE in your walls, furniture, fences, floors, containers, and art expressions......and the list goes on much longer....

C. LIME PLASTERING. lime and earth-based plasters are really the way to go, for long lasting and beautiful finishes on earth or masonry projects. lime bridges the technology-gap between natural and chemical construction: lime can be used on new or ancient mud structures- homes, temples, stupas etc whereas concrete canNOT. the efforts to 'preserve' sacred shrines throughout the world, by using concrete as a modern surface 'improvement', have been disastrous. lime is also used to make earth-cements and non-chemical construction stone. paints, dyes & stains- either chemical or plant-based- also blend well with lime.

D. SCULPTURE ART. a properly honoured earth oven will be fashioned into a face or head, animal, or some object that incites response from the observer. WHEN THIS HAPPENS, suddenly there is a new being, entity, pet or confidant in the room, and this is perceived by others as well. a big hunk of dirt and rock and lime, sitting there as a familiar-somebody or something else. caution: you WILL fall in love. brace for the implications.

2. THE JOYS OF EARTH COOKING AND BAKING. i will always maintain that Life's best breads, pastries, and especially PIZZA, are rendered in earth or solar ovens. low-tech rules, baby. in truth, the vast majority of commercial ovens also are clay-lined because the truth is, we have NO contrived substance on the planet that can replace it. culinary delights are generally produced quicker, with a distinct difference in flavor quality, when a comparison is done between earth and commercial ovens. build one and see!

3. SOCIAL. folks are naturally curious and tend to come visit, either during construction or when news of the oven start tendralling outward to the you have a genuine gathering-tool, a conversation piece, and a place to create and share new culinary brainstorming. SHARE the love, EAT the love.

4. ENHANCED ENVIRONMENT. the SimPL intention of an earth oven is, sure, to produce beauty, art, incredible foods & augment skills and enjoyments- but also to beautify the local environment & reduce the amount of non-desired & superfluous materials in the area. as examples, when we use durable detritus as filler in the base, scrap metal as oven parts, leftover finishes & treatments as artistic and protective sheathing, we kick up both environment and these items to a higher quantic state- a state of attention (care), efficiency and utility. then, we burn with materials laying around as well- tree droppings, rubbish, construction scraps- whatever we can scrabble together. within this definition, this focus on  the practical, we are NOT using fossil fuels, no electricity, no new materials or contrived resources, and we are reducing the planetary energy mess by choosing this option over modern food apparatus.

5. SUPER VALUE. we have discussed already,  so many of the niceties of these ovens, and how they provide a tangible benefit to our personal and earth environment. ADD to this, that these ovens have no need for shops, manufacturing, or to buy anything from anyone. as a result, most ovens cost only a few monetary units (bucks euros pounds peso rupee etc).  If this is all quite agreeable up to now, we are left thus with the only real decision we have to make, siting the oven. as long as a site for an earth oven can be secured conveniently for everyday use, for ourselves, our community, neighbourhood, business or beachfront, we can build it if willing to do the work. So we see that  WANTING AN EARTH OVEN IS SIMPLY A MATTER OF HAVING A PLACE TO PUT ONE, BECAUSE NEARLY EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET CAN AFFORD ONE. How about that for value…

6. PIZZA. or did i mention that already? well, since we’re on a roll, let's describe the 20-minute personal pizzas, any technique, culture, style, recipe etc that come out of earth ovens. something like,
OH       WOW        THATS       SO       GOOD!      i believe that captures it.

SimPLife Courses Schedule

SimPL Ladakh

Course Description
Earth Oven Construction        

 Applied Permaculture Design & Construction

4 days, 4 nights, 28 hours lecture & hands-on  
Course Rate: 120 Euros, including meals & accommodation

SimPLife Courses Overview

a suggestion to start: There is a lot of detail here. we ask, that you please NOT be discouraged or overwhelmed! (too much information? SimPLy BOOK, and we’ll see you soon… : ) as in all things, it is most comforting to body and soul when we experience at the rate and manner most enjoyable- when you are here, there will be ample time to wade through, question and absorb...


( 4-day course,  4 nights lodging,  meals included )

day before:
YOUR arrival date

               check-in,  integration 12 - 8  pm
                welcome chat                     8  pm

                lunch*               12:30 -     2   pm
               dinner                       6 - 8:30 pm
* available for early arrivals, 150 Rs. each

during the course

   course                 9:30 am  -  5    pm
   evening program       8:30 -  10  pm

   breakfast                        8 - 9:30 am
   lunch & rest           12:30 -     2   pm
  dinner                            6 - 8:30 pm

day after:
end date

  oven finishing
   & initial burn       9:30-12  pm
   outegration  chat            2  pm
  & certificate awards
  check-out         2:30 - 3:30 pm

 breakfast                 8 - 9:30 am
  lunch (pizza?)     12:30 -  2  pm


The  Course

Day                                             Focus                                            Detail                      


Getting Started:
meet the project

Morning Chat: the practical joy of home ovens, permaculture & SimPL, the majic of clay

Field Action: tool intro, material gathering, begin base construction

Evening Program: share story: personal experiences, project ideas


Base Completion

& Form Oven Floor

Morning Chat: utilizing project multiplicity, start oven design ideas

Field Action: material gathering, base completion, sand mold

Evening Program: earth-action film & continue oven group design


Form  Oven Chamber

& Fix  Vent Pipe

Morning Chat: worldwide oven types, finish group oven design

Field Action: form chamber, sculpt if time allows

Evening Program: group masterplan
of future ovens


Finish Oven Details

& Cook Something

Field Action: finish oven details, intial burn & pizza trials!