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How Green is My Mud

why build with mud?

because its free? well, that too, but the free earth under your hooves, like straw, has a plethora of inherent properties that lends itself well to structural applications. in fact, despite all our research & creative brilliance, humans still havent come up with a human-made material which can claim to be its equal.

Properties of clay-based mud or earth (ok, dirt):

...and thats just off the top of my head. get on an earth building course or projectsite,
and this stuff will blow your mind!

Hold On…Isn't this just dirt we're talking about   here?

and the mind-blower is that something as common as dirt could be so TALENTED.....

HANDS-ON             A.                           check out this
earth oven build in colorado

                                   B.              see mud in action.

just for fun, here’s a SimPL project walk-through of The Roundhouse, a strawbale
(mixed earth)
hybrid green building, constructed in conjunction with
The Farm Ecovillage Training Center,
Tennessee, USA, circa 2000-2002.

The Roundhouse, A Hybrid Green Building Project

Gandalph and the Roundhouse, Farm ETC 2002

creating an earth oven, using only mud for the heat chamber

 molding clay to form an  earth oven, thailand 2013