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Define SimPL.

A simpl breakdown of SimPL.

Pre-ramble. any wise soul will somberly tell you, there is nothing to do be have or get. we can all go home now.
feeling the call of engagement? continue thus.


OK… the term ‘Sustainable’for years occupied the first letter position. let us dispense first with that. i would submit that the actual reality of sustainable is not commonly grasped. picture this: after all the class-act design has been rigored into place, inputs localized, resources corralled, thought and muscle applied, endfruits realized- we regardless shall not likely be in an all-encompassing state of full replication, recycling, or support…and therefore sustainability. in actual reality, a full state of sustainability in human-included systems is NOT POSSIBLE. unless you are quite willing to embrace a primordial reality. think about the fluids rendering and hardware foundry needed for your machines and structures, your shoes, computer- how about the very pen and paper you use to write smart copy for efficient self-reliance planning- where does that all come from…then, the air you breathe water you drink…are you making alllll that at home?

i will guess no.

so let us be honest, and admit that we need the greater supporting environment, both human and planetary, to sustain us. whither it be the minute details up to the survival staples right through to abundant thrival, we are all of us in a state of interdependency for lifes myriad support structure. bully for us- the endgame to break down our independent pride is, we must embrace, enthuse in, even master our need for each other. now the game strategy shifts away from separateness, elitism & fear-based mentality, and into the rich mining of the overarching culture that envelops us,  doing as it will- or not- to provide for the inhabitants which feed and define it, while our undeniable mass-presence continues shaping it to our own bidding.

life in our onrushing dialogue, is now to be accepted as a coming-together, of species, imagination, experience, ability, quirk, communication, cooperation-and-impedance, benefit-and-detriment in every facet intended or accidental- and the absorption by all, of those change-elements which morph our plans despite our best efforts.

the term ‘sustainable’therefore, is taken here as the system-wide optimization of all of lifes facets to the best of our ability and imagination- the unreachable remnant we negotiate with the nervous world outside. having drowned our previous aspirations like that, another apparent yet opposing Truth is, the idea of merely meeting our needs is in itself an insufficient proposition, that we must over-achieve, go beyond merely-sufficient good results in order to arrive in robust fashion. as our good works get long in the tooth and the unforeseens insert themselves, maintaining the lot of it will exert harder pull on our Perfect Systems; over time, efficiency goes rogue, quality is fugitive. the good works of humans tends to be entropic in nature, while Nature without humans is non-entropic.

the sensible saving grace to time’s wearing-down of beings and their industry, lies in our ready-to-go collective genius towards allowing Nature to just be, once we have given the initial pushes. already we have among us an ample plethora of tech, hard-won useable & sensible solution, and hi-qual value that has been exampled all over this ravaged spectacle of our heroic insistence in remaining alive and vital, and the collective result loudly shouts out that our natural innate state of Human is to live WELL ABOVE merely meeting the deadlines, in cooperation humility sensibility, in Love.

to sustain, sensibly, we exceed our own needs, tasked to produce that which satisfies consumptions of the greater good, replenishes & revitalizes total outputs and losses. to thrive, to flourish, we embrace the needs of many, through our life-excitement which intelligently swells within us to the joys of serving, and realizing fruits by effective effort- factoring in needs wants limits & influences, exacting elevated-state results & riches seasonally or rythmnically. in summer we might produce food, shelters, green environment, music and art; in winter fuel, medicines, tools, clothing, music, art- all extracts at higher quantic states than where we started, all via our divine, built-in quantic elevator, which we routinely call passion.

we ‘need’- if we intend to engage sensibly- only to rely on each other to fully benefit from results & riches, plying them as we are best evolved at this moment, to develop trust in the goodness of our fellows, and never again to shy from our own grandeur. to bask in why we are here now, and to finally admit we are destined to be thrival. to practice and be the inevitable, immense state of enhancement that ever invites us to the table.


now that sensible intelligence is exposed to our sleepwalk, which arising has amassed abilities the question arises as what to do with it all. the majic invited at this point is, navigate the fitting-together of the wayward hodgepodge (we once thought) of our journeys discoveries. the travails of life have kicked up jewels, useful bits to our whims. we all have the jewels, we grok that all MUST share,  in order that all will be made wealthy beyond our fictional daydreams, when the cloth is spread along the table to receive our outpouring. adequately armed, now we apply these in the fullest expression we have NOW, to our best collective benefit, with the sober knowledge that every minute aspect of our carefully honed environment is essential to our collective swelling excitement.

SimPL questions we ask: does it work here, reduce our requirements, simplify life, is it mad fun,
and am I likely to actually use it…


herein lies the key, the majic, the vortex which converts the merely clever into superdivineintelligence . by SimPLy rethinking a process to realize many benefits at once, we ascend to a higher quantic state of endeavour. thoughts, imagination and experience, upon tasting once the sweeter fruit of simply attained super-efficiency, undergoes a natural sweeping evolution of re-trained focus in resource strategization.

nothing again is taken as under-the-radar. picture this: the lowly (we think) sweeping of a street or floor may reap the rewards of invigorating exercise, the comforting feel of tidyness, higher foot traffic safety, lower opportunity for small creature infestations, favorable acknowledgement by users of the space, lower incidence of allergens, healthier for asthmatics- results: an overall cleaner healthy environment, more efficient guttering, possible collection of loose change and compostables, and livelihood & community for the suitably motivated sweeper. to muse upon the multiplicitization of an event is to tense the windspring of the universe. the realized mastery of it- the thing in action- unleashes the clockwork into fuller expression.


grounding ourselves in the reliable and repeatable brings us back to sensibility. putting feet squarely on earth allows for full-spectrum covorting with the heavens. we must make use of everyday truths once again, to regain the SimPListic, achieve common chat and logical, experiential grit. the exertions, strivings, movements of the day often only warrant a good look via a discerning mind, to result in less movement. we ask an activity of its use, benefit, ponder the paring-down of lifes flab, rise to intolerance of the superfluous. being ever mindful of the necessary relations to our surroundings, poorly utilized resources and humans are re-channeled to uses ever- awaiting the higher state of the overall environment.

SimPL questions we ask: does it work here, reduce our requirements, simplify life, is it mad fun,
and am I likely to actually use it…


are we now doing that, or breathing because we can…is the vibrant alive-ness exaltant right down to our splitends or do we make special effort to downplay all grasping of the something-more, by our fellows or by that which arises. dumbing influence from those who would benefit from despair is yes in our midst at every level along with massive explosions of heart cracking wide wide open, and where are we in that choice, and where are we coming from when we look outward to the glorious mess…

there is no true, enduring change of anyone with talk, lofty goaling or glamorous concepts. i would insist however in the sheer power of SimPLy doing. the doing of that which keeps us way past our bedtimes for the tremouring anticipation of whats-next and how-it-can-be. PASSION, finally gleaning that lifetruth of our own; the DOING which once again lets us breathe full easy lungs while we burn in giddiness for the love of a thing. FIND IT, must be the mantra of us. How ever it gets done, in decided flair or loose-cannon stumblebum nerve-rack if need be, to find out why we are each here, to do feel be realize what.  

it seems clear that tis far far better a thing, to have taken your silly circus, shouldering your crosses and gone in search, than to choke on your own decaying stasis, slow waltzing the soul-death of the stymied. when it finally arrives, our new-found insane eureka!, i pun that it is the body that finally delivers the knowing, realization must come through heart limbs and bowels, for we physical humans trying so to bypass LIFE and be spirits.

AT THE SAME INSTANCE, there is nothing to do be have or get. welcome we to the contradiction.