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Saving Our Sanity:

Living SimPLy in Chem-World

Who Turned Out the Light ?

There is a movement underfoot in the world. Like a wildfire slow to catch, food production concerns all over the globe are going back to natural process, rediscovering time and again how simply allowing our Mother Earth to do Her job puts the quality back into our Earthcare, and the wow into our food.

These “new-ancient” organic farming efforts are still far from being the global majority, but the winds of demand are kicking up, and the inevitable spread is coming. I guess we’ve all had enough of pink mushball tomatoes and plastic fruit.

Life Becomes a Practice

Perhaps by now most of you are quite familiar with the term permaculture, which refers to producing human lifestyles and biologic environments which follow the logic of Universal Light- or are simpatico with natural ecosystems, to put it simply.

Probably there are a good number of you reading this who are quite practiced in the principles, and could show me a thing or two. Let’s hope. But do we wonder why this term, this philosophy, and the exuberant growing network of mindfully-managed farms even exists?

I believe the term peace exists because there is war. Love exists as a word, because we are aware of nastiness, poor because of rich, and so on. Bill Mollison was free to coin the term “permaculture” and we the community would embrace it, because lately we haven’t been working with natural ecosystems as an overall planetary culture.

In earlier days, there would have been no need for a word to describe what everyone was doing- unless the word was life. Folks just living.

Now, living in natural, sustainable, philosophy-based process is actually categorized as a practice, suggesting a larger culture which is not that. Our shift forward into the natural-based ‘practices’ of the past such as permaculture are now perceived as a need, the answer to a perceived void. By now I think we’re  missing our Mother.

Mother's Skin

The difference between producing food holistically with a total-environment approach, and producing it by chemical means, is much to do with how we treat soil. The holistic approach would prefer that we enrich our soil with decomposed organic material and naturally-occurring nutrients which are obtained or produced on-site, and maintained indefinitely in a sustained cycle.

This means having the source nutrients near at hand as feedstock for a local food chain, in a reliable and repeatable cycle of growth, consumption, and decay.

Cheap Easy Quick

Chemical farming- the commercial world-wide norm- simply buys fertilizer consisting of laboratory-isolated elements and minerals from an outside vendor, plows it under the soil or chucks it into the hydroponic nutrient swill. Cheaper, less work, and all you have to do is follow directions on the bag. You lose the tilth in your soil structure, crap out the water table, and produce flaccid, marginalized food, but hey you’ve saved a few pennies and have less peons to feed.

Planet NPK

Ever look at a bag of chemical fertilizer, and see a series of three numbers, like 10-30-10 or 15-5-30? What is that? Why that’s the NPK rating, of course. Good grief. What’s that? It’s the percentage of available Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium a fertilizer contains.  Which we are supposed to subject to our soil, which then shoves it up the bum of our good friend the plant.  While that language may seem a bit harsh to us- the description is perhaps not too far off the mark to a plant.

NPK is the accepted three-element measurement standard, or the minimum substance criteria to follow in order to grow a plant. This has been utilized by farmers and gardeners all over the world to fertilize crops since the late 1800’s.

You may elect to add more basic minerals to the chemical diet of your growing medium (soil), but we know that for the majority of edible plants, as long as the Big Three are in place,  your planted seeds will grow up to become crops.

SO WHAT? I mean, crops grow, fruit is picked, people eat- whats the problem?

I look to this analogy. Suppose you were considering programs to lose weight, and you had two choices. The permaculture program might hand you an address to the nearest farmer’s market,  putting you on scrumptious organic and low-fat, whole foods, then schedule you in for yoga and exercise, perhaps a little OM-time in a dark room, en route to an overall love-based lifestyle makeover.

The chemical program would let you sit on your sofa and watch sitcoms while you swallow fat-burners all day. With either program you lose the same amount of weight, but do you think for a moment that the quality of the result would be anywhere near the same? Consider next how long a body- a heart- can sustain popping pills. Any pills.

What NPK fails to take into account, is the total web of Life, the complex system of exchanges between the plant and all aspects of the environment surrounding it. We have learned from delving into DNA, and in Quantum research, that nothing is truly defined in this world until its environment has also been included in that definition. We have also learned that we have a lot more to learn about this.

No man is an island? Well neither is a plant.

So then...why would we choose a program that neglects quality, if the results reveal such an obvious difference? Take a journey with me, if you will, back to the mid-1800’s. Just for a moment, and I’ll have you back for snacks.

To fully understand NPK is to know the story of the global shift from natural farming to chemical agriculture contrivance, and we take you now to the region we know as Germany, to the eminent chemist Justus von Liebig.

The Champion of NPK

It seems Justus burned some plants one day, and the ash was made up of nitrogen, phosporus and potash, or potassium carbonate. Justus thought he was looking at the only three important elements necessary to plant growth and well-being. He downplayed the role of humus in plant nutrition and proceeded to inform the public of these conclusions, writing profuse volumes on how to grow plants by adding cheap, chemically-derived substances. Our man Justus had a convincing way of squelching the competition- he was extremely well-funded.

Justus von Liebig

The Father of Chemical Torture

Meanwhile,  smoke rises off in the horizon from the laboratory of Friedrich August Kekulé, one of Justus's disciples, and the father of chemical structure theory. If you ever had to wallow in the gruesome torture of the frigid formulae and counterintuitive constructs of chemistry in school, August was the one who put you through it.

It seems August had a dream one afternoon of a snake eating its own tail, from which he derived a fascinating phenomena. He intuited that the molecular configuration of benzene was ring-shaped; all chemists up to then only thought in right angles and boxes.

August further found that by forcing the additions of hydrogen, carbon and other elements to existing substance rings, hence 'chaining' those substances, one may create a whole new substance with new uses.

This hydrocarbon ring and chain technology opened the way for unbridled development, as Christopher Bird put it, "in what amounted to a heyday for sorcerer's apprentices".

Enter one IG Farben, the first truly multinational conglomerate, and the beginning of the modern military-industrial complex.

Picture this epic industrial scenario. New technology is discovered and test tube creationism births a myriad of new substance. Factories are built to manifest the technology into household and commercial business, and oodles of funding is provided to surge this momentum forward.

And the story does not just stop at the furrows. This same technology goes on to create allopathic medicine (pharmaceuticals), cheap explosives and large-scale warfare, and turns oil- the petroleum hydrocarbon of John D. Rockefeller Sr.- into Big Oil, eventually tying John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Standard Oil of New Jersey to IG Farben...and Adolph Hitler. But that is quite another story.

The Culture Factor

One problem not often considered on a mass scale is, the fallacy of logic or "common sense" being able to stand it's own ground, as a basis for improvement. I have heard untold times, people sitting around and arguing their logical truths, incredulous that the "world" has no common sense, and cannot seem to see the better solution.

Consider in this case that the "world" does not run on your logic, and may not be as large as one assumes. There are by now in our current timeline huge industrial concerns all over the globe, which do business as they do, and have hundreds, thousands, even millions of employees and subsidiary dependents, all working with those technologies and practices handed to them by their corporate benefactor.

Many of these technologies are built upon the legacy of those NPK discovery days. And the folks that really make sweeping decisions, determine ultimately what paths this human world shall take, are a relatively small bunch.

Do you think for one moment, that Big Oil for example, will just give up their exalted social stations and the fossil fuel cash-cow that has been carefully shaped and designed for global consumption- because some genius determined how to run an engine on office waste, or that food tastes better when you apply permacultural concepts?

The result, sadly enough, has often been that the world ends up with one less genius. Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, Aaron Russo, Stanley Meyer, John Searle, Preston Tucker…AND the myriad roll call of those doomed gifted benefactors we never met.

It's the same nefarious game of lord-over-peasant, effective and unrelenting, played for time untold, and we're all just the new players. Huge concerns have equally huge budgets, that pour billions into making sure the larger world keeps right on using THEIR offerings, as-is, regardless of consequence. In fact, the de facto slogan for globalist corporate badguys is understood to be:

Maximize Profits, Regardless of Consequence.

Sloganed advertisements, contrived and clever public communication, government subjugation and the like, all add up to the MAJORITY of populations not only accepting the status quo, but at times becoming the front-line defense for the very concerns which devise the swill in which they wallow.

Societal pitchpersons, thought-guardians and the keepers of flame surround the general citizen in the form of parents, friends and associates, with the subtle common training of cultural upbringing by the previous guardians. Plaintive remarks to status quo are struck down; non-party beliefs lose favor.

Plaintiffs are assigned labels which award the guardians safe harbor; recent selections include hippie, rebel, cynic, liberal, conservative, left/right winger, delusional- or my favorite, conspiracy theorist. Simply conferring labels affords the good citizens the option to switch off ears or brain, put offending malcontents in the corner with the dunce cap, and relieves all of having to pay attention.

THIS is the peered voice of Culture. It sits in your living room, works in your office, shops in your market. More effective than a presidential speech, local newspaper, web blog or fashion magazine. And all of them just as concerned and speaking their own truth as you are, in this gorgeous enraging Free-Will Zone that we call Earth. Therein lies the rub.

Majority Influence Rules

The power of Culture. It has also captured each one of us readers, to varying degree. We argue that we are free of all that control, that carcinogenic mind-process and darkness, but I insist that, you too (me too), dear reader, are prey to some triggers that still linger in your deepest recesses, that this above all prevents improvements on a global scale.

We are human, all have resident fears and blockages that have become our worst enemies when truly pressed. I can submit culture-wrestling is not our answer or 'way out' of the madness, that true species advancement and freedom is approached not roiling in culture and complex detail, but via our own Heart, and the work needed to arrive in balance and coherence, where Light conducts the rules of play.

This coherence is not achieved in group thought, rather it is an individual, one-at-a-time calling. YOU.

You- empathic, embracing all souls, living simply, not given to product fetish- and existing in tremendous numbers therefore influence- is the only real 'power' that truly exists on a cultural scale, and the only one thing that truly shakes the global concerns and governing bodies down to their roots.

Their primary job in order to maintain status quo, is to prevent YOU from discovering that fact. In all cases, status quo is defined by majority influence. This is not always majority numbers, if the numbers do not believe their own power.

Again friends, THAT is quite another story.

Quality Back In Control

Now we’re back, and we’re learning together on the Web. The history lessons of old- when listened to- are inevitably opportunities for improvement. If we find out for example that some of our reality programming was put in place by questionable means that we now mistrust, are we not therefore free to change it for ourselves, to model ourselves around a base philosophy which feels good, has that balance, where benefits are borne about the community?

That base philosophy might include how we treat our precious planet and our neighbours in common trust- all members of the physical and ethereal kingdoms- which ultimately reflects in how we treat ourselves.

I believe we’ve had our fair experiment with hydrocarbon technology, and found that it didn’t work out as planned. Somewhere along the line we lost sight of quality, we were seduced- convinced to stop making sense- and that has cost us significantly.

Time to move on, then. We are now witness to a great shift forward to the Past. Permaculture and natural process- heralding the practices of our ancestors, mixed in with nifty tricks we picked up along the way. We know that our bodies as well as our planet are sacred, like temples.

I believe that providing ourselves with anything less than the finest quality possible- in any area- is a compromise in self-respect. And it is equally pertinent to include business, products, personal relations, politics and your golf game into the same quality conclusion, because nothing may exist which is not an equal part of the greater Web- the vast seamless Intranet of the Universe.


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