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Saving Our Sanity:
Living SimPLy in Chem-World

take a historical journey to the mass-fall from Light…                        welcome to the machine,
                                             lets get the hell out.

Light Becomes Us

'We are Beings of Light'- for over 40 years, this new age cliche has proven to be real in scientific observation…

The Sine-Wave of Our Discontent

  continues the muse on culture, rise and fall cycles of groupmind passion…

Light, the story

summations on light concept and science,
what we know on what comprises us,
and where to now, St. Peter…

The Bloodied Ascension of Public Energy No. 1

who tops the list, rules the world.
despite a vast plethora of proven, ultra-efficient energy tech already present…

taking the subjects of passion contained herein,              decidedly far,                              on purpose.

           well, OK. blogs.            compassionate and overpassionate diatribe on the world around you.

imRants & Babble

BioDynamics, The Adam of Our Rib:
Cosmos and the Aria of Balance

BioDynamics, and the real yet little known music the Cosmos plays on our planet