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BioDynamics, The Adam Of Our Rib:
Cosmos & the Aria of Balance

This engulfing, chaotic, violent and hurtling Cosmos, the Adam to our rib, is simultaneously our steadfast ally- gentle, reliable, life-affirming and useful- as we experience her here on our fragile planet surface.

One needs only to engage in a practice such as BioDynamics (BD) or astrology to come to this conclusion. Though our far-off ancestor stars, battling it out in their terrible excessiveness, seem too far out to have any consequence here, we do see that the aggregate influence of all universal bodies- our moon, galaxies, black holes, supernovas and related phenoms- all gang up to deliver a regular and reliable sort of pulse, felt here on Earth.

The Four Rhythmic Elements
These pulses, over time comprising
rhythms in non-stop repetition, have been observed and interpreted by our BD scientists as being four elements, namely Earth, Air, Water and Fire, in that order. As we hurtle through the Cosmos ourselves, Earth thus is constantly receiving a rhythmic cadence of elements- each bringing subtle yet very real changes- with each elemental pulse lasting 1.5 to 3.5 days or so. 

In Cosmic terms, an element is actually the net effect of our goddess moon dancing over one of the zodiac constellations- the same 12 signs we might remember from checking our horoscopes, right, except these are the actual star groups- as luna flows on past those slower bodies from our cosmic-tourist perspective, viewing from the turning Earth’s ground. You’ll remember there are twelve zodiac signs and constellations, creating the full circle of night-sky rotation. By the time the moon has sauntered through all twelve constellations- constituting a moonth- now called month- she has thrice repeated the cycle of four elements, and in that rotation of twelve we assign three constellations per element. 3 x 4 = 12. With me so far?

OK. Elements, great. Where's the benefit?

It's a fair question, that i ask on your behalf. (though i am having a conversation with myself, i also imagine that you are there reading, engrossed, fascinated.) The benefit is the opportunity to magnify our own effect or result on the planet and in our lives, by reading rhythms and making choices which flow with the Cosmic dance.

By this logic, what works in non-rhythm is a cinch to work far better in rhythm. An easy example of this is to observe the growing of plants, such as crops in farming. Crops planted strictly for the convenience of the farmer, tend not to fare as well as crops planted in accordance with BD rhythms, all other factors held equal.

Although this assertion is difficult to prove out- all other factors are nearly impossible to hold in absolute equivalence between farms- we see quite often, seasonal blights or insect infestations during certain years in non-BD farms. Properly timed BD plantings, on the other hand will tend to see less anomalies and therefore heralds BD as an important tool to help assure a farm's year-by-year success- and optimize the nutritive quality of the fruits, while decreasing the need for outside inputs.

Probably, We’re Better Off
This cosmic quality assurance is best expressed in terms of probability. According to classical scientific method, any system or process which is observed as reliable & repeatable, which claims advantages or benefits over a known, standard process
and is tested successfully as a theory, has by definition a higher probability of benefits, than the process operating at standard conditions.

Why then, are most farms NOT biodynamically operated? A lack of cooperative, side-by-side research by 'accepted' agricultural authorities is one major reason. This is a matter not surprising in our argumentive, easily programmed and dominated human community. Another way to say this is, the influence of culture or societal control over the attitudes and beliefs of farm operators worldwide, defines what is acceptable. Acceptable behaviour is at times a narrowly-tred corridor of scrutiny, caught between skirting the relatively steep cliffs of religions and conservative communities, and the discarding of all things spiritual and odd, by present-day pragmatists.

The obvious end result of a mainstream-sanctioned study would be the proof & acceptance of BD's superior results, as opposed to conventional, chemical farming now so prevalent and ravaging the planets' soils. Don’t hold thy breath. The chemical producers have a hard-earned stranglehold on global food mass-production, and they would like to keep that going, thank you very much; their nefarious methods of maintaining world agricultural status quo remain successfully well entrenched.

However, farming is not the only beneficiary of Cosmic rhythms. That would be like saying the only reason for a mountain's existence is to afford one a good view of the countryside.

A Balancing Mantra
The regular Cosmic pulses arriving to Earth are as a masseuse gently kneading flesh. Each elemental pulse asserts its short-lived energetic meanings, elicits earth-changes and likely modifies the earth's own outward feedback to Cosmos, then yields to the following pulse before any yawing imbalance or damage can insinuate. After four of these unique and distinct pulses have come and gone and the next gang of four begins the pattern over, the balance is re-affirmed and we see melody, measures in a song called the cosmic mantra, wooing the planet into sympathetic undulation- a simpl yet grand, symphonic aria of balance. now playing…

The question still remains only half-answered: what benefit? ahh, the everpresent whats-in-it-for-me human want, sure. Now that the universe has established earth-balance, that all sentients may continue nonchalant and worry about shoes and elections, we turn next to conspiring with Cosmos, to milk maximum coin from Laxshmi’s coffers.

A Cosmic Lifestyle?
The first step in the Cosmic dance cadence is to learn biodynamics, en route to reading the BD calendar, as a regular consultation of same is critical to staying up on what rhythms- or cosmic negatives- prevail on any given day.

A fair knowledge  of BD- the six rhythms of the watery goddess moon, what influences each planet exerts, the effect of the zodiac & outer fire-giants as they pass overhead each day, the fierce role of masculine Sun, and what trumps whom in the grand scheme of things- is key to interpreting a calendar. Surprisingly, the requisite education can be achieved usually within a few days*. After this, one develops their own fine-tunings to quickly assess  daily calendar data in mere moments.  

Cosmos Daily News
The BD calendar is a highly-condensed compendium of all known forces and influences out there, which can effect life-altering changes here. This is usually organized as a monthly chart, conveniently listing all cosmic players which are dominant, on a day-by-day basis. The practiced BD adept reads the chart as one perusing the sports pages for batting averages.

Progressing forward, the next movements in cosmic shuffle is the earthly study of the four elements, for what each means within various traditions*- each one an evolved viewpoint influenced by celestial observation. Now you have in hand, what personality & emotional influence, colour or cardinal direction is prevalent on a given day, whether goddess or saturn or dryness or chaos rules the underworld, and whither earth breathes in or out...

Practice the Practice
These traits can then be applied to the corresponding superfood or supplement intake, physical or project activity, wardrobe choice, level of social engagement and even more, depending on which details one wishes to focus on and pursue. You the blooming acolyte, now only need to be aware of changes in your well-being, relationships, wealth & opportunities, to determine the 'fit' this flow has in your natural, practical life

As with all practices, the Cosmic Dance is something to be personally investigated and fine-tuned according to individual preference and intuition. The science of BD itself, at less than a century is a relatively young offspring in the family of human refinements, though is evolving rapidly through practitioner-activist engagement and adjustment.

Something Old, Something New
Historically, BD- and the sister science of Astrology- is a child of ancient nighttime observation, which early-on led to feelings of reverence and worship, behavioral direction and oracular prophesy. As the so-called modern age approached, all mainstream celestial collaborations practically disappeared in the West, then was given a springboard launch by the eminent scientist and esoteric philsopher Rudolph Steiner in the early 20th century, and further improved by Maria Thun, Peter Proctor, and of course many others up to the present day*.

The BD  Icons
The actual term biodynamics, came not from Steiner but a group of German agriculturists and farmers, who had contracted Steiner in 1924 to give an Agricultural Course, which contained the outlines and foundation for what Steiner conceived to be the natural interaction of Cosmos with/as Earth & man. The subject and coined term BD, still affects much of the conservative & reactionary human world as being terribly esoteric and suspicious. The practice nevertheless has become a recognized and vital science which flourishs around the world today.

Marie Thun was the second major influence to complement Steiner’s BD work. From the 1950’s, through a series of methodic experiments, Thun isolated four main types of plants and assigned each to one of the four basic elements, namely:

Earth - root crops

Air - flowers and herbs

Water - leafy crops

Fire - fruits and seed-bearing plants, grains

Thun also first recognized the four elements proceeding in their rhythmic cadence, and the continuous repeating dance of four, thus introducing this basicmost BD rhythm of Cosmos with Earth, into the practice

Carrying the Torch

SimPL salutes all BD orgs and engagers, for their independence of thought and courage to see through noise and focus on necessities in Life enhancement and world food protection. please vist, absorb and communicate with one of our favorites, the India BioDynamics Association,

and good luck- it’s tough out there.

* all cosmic dance steps, related science/research chats & calendar coaching can be found in
The Essential BioDynamics, a SimPLife online course.

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