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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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Essential BioDynamics:
Self-Reliance from Cosmos & the Four Elements-
for Life, Farm, Garden

Course Description

 A Note For Organic Farmers:

The Essential BioDynamics provides the vital details & unique potency
Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening-
this must be taken BEFORE the farming course.



> Ability to navigate by Cosmos

> Flow in your daily life

> The most vital & alive produce

from your farm or garden,

that you can possibly achieve

or perhaps you believe- as most do- the Cosmos is just a nice nighttime light show
with no practical use........?

The Cosmos, or physical universe, is in fact the origin, as well as the majority mechanical and energetic driver for ALL events which occur on Planet Earth.

BioLife receives, integrates Rhythms,

Dynamics maintains Life Conditions,

Entanglement unifies All.

Learning to read & interpret the everpresent, continuously changing Cosmic rythmns is to arrive in sync with the Universe, to finally benefit from the bountiful Cosmic dance.

BioDynamically-managed farms & gardens are among the most robust & high-yielding on the planet- and the same simpl easy-to-learn approach applies directly to all living systems-
such as humans, You and I.

~testimonials from Course engagers~

“This is an enlightening course on the probability theories of Biodynamics every person must know if they stand a chance to survive and flourish…We all must do our part to maintain health not just for ourselves but for our communities. Healthy, fertile soil is the basis for this, and I look forward to the years ahead implementing what I have learned in this course on Biodynamics from IM. Thank you, and on behalf of my tiny Italian garden it thanks you the most!”
- Nancy D.

“I found this course very interesting. I had never heard of this method of farming/cultivation before. There was lots of great information but also it seems like it would be simple to put into practice. I will definitely be integrating this method into my personal garden.”
- Franklin F.


In this course, you will learn HOW:

- to interpret a BD calendar, quickly see which rhythms & energies are prevalent on any given day, and the actions best to take.

- the Moon, Sun, Earth, planets & stars actually move- or dance- together to create real & on-going, physical & energetic changes upon the Earth.

- YOU can apply daily Cosmic changes to optimize your relationships: to earthly green biology, AND your everyday life to the natural flow of Cosmos.

- the four basic elements each affect our behaviours & the planetary daily course of life.

- in 1924, the poor chemical state of German farming brought about the science of BD: the roles of Rudolph Steiner & his Agricultural Course, Maria Thun and Peter Proctor.

- Big Agro business interests benefit from monopolizing worldwide food production, and discouraging nature-based farming.

- BD, despite the proven benefits, is not embraced socially worldwide.



Harness the Beating Heart of the Universe!

    BD Welcome: What's This Universe FOR, Anyway

    What Is BioDynamics?

    What You Will Learn In This Course

The Divine Cosmic Dance: Explaining the Rythmns

    Our Cosmic Origins & Energetics

    The BD Primer

    Cosmic MoonDance: The First Four Rythmns

    Cosmic MoonDance: Zodiac & New/Full Moon Rythmns

    The Earth in Tow

   The Life Conspiracy

   The Great BD Knowledge Tap: Rythmns & Events

From Science to Practice: The BD Calendar

   BD Course Sources and Links

   Explaining the BD Calendar

   Daily Use of the BD Calendar

   Working the Rythmns: BD Strategy

   BD Rythmn Collisions

   The Great BD Knowledge Tap: Calendar Prowess

The Human Factor

    Rudolph Steiner & Just Everything

    Steiner, Holism & The Akashic

    Steiner, BD & The Nazis

    Maria Thun & Peter Proctor

    Your Life, Your Choice: Why Bother With BioDynamics

    How Do Those Humans Factor In?

The Four Basic Elements

    Earth & Air

    Fire & Water

    4 Element Makeovers- SuperFood Balancing

    4 Element Makeovers- Colour Balancing

    4 Element Makeovers- Engage! With Purpose

    4 Element Makeovers: Community Service

    Four Basic Quiz Questions

BioDynamics in Practice: LADAKH, the Likir Farm

    Executive Decision Time

    Executive Answering

    Executive Answering: Other Aspects

BioDynamics in Practice: KOREA, The Urban Farmette

    The Big Exciting Quiz

    Big Exciting Answers



In actual fact, the relatively new science or body of understood, observed phenomena that we now know as BioDynamics, is based in the most ancient of our sciences. Our first cosmic diviners became scientists by routinely observing the night sky and were the humans who first noticed how certain cosmic movements and events brought changes onto the Earth- with her soil, growing plants, and with humans themselves.

This course comes to you from

1. the SimPLife natural living school in the ancient Himalayan kingdom of
    Ladakh, also from

2. South Korea, as well as from

3. Macau, China-

so this is something of a World Travel doc as well.

Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for knowing the basic effects of Cosmos upon living beings...Energy practitioners, career farmers, backyard hobbyists, community leaders, urban or rural- or just folks wanting a bit of simpl sensibility- will find this informative, creatively useful & essential!   ENROLL NOW



the Crab Nebula, photo: NASA