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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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Welcome Home!
i love telling people that. that never grows old. that, and--


HERE- the home of this certified Design Professional Course (DPC),
a two-week, quite intense intensive, balanced between
Design    Lecture   &   Hands-On while integrating:

DAILY interactive, thinktank-style Design sessions* with
1) permaculture
2) biodynamics
3) green building
4) bio-organic farming
5) earth oven construction
6) human world navigation
7) tools & skills training…. AND
) one main, on-site project build
IS located right on Wye Naam Beach on the spectacular island of
Koh Pha-Ngan, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Pha-Ngan, pictured above. Wye Nam is that cozy little beach on the lower right.

Wye Naam on the island’s east coast, is where the course will be held played debated toiled & celebrated. This is a nestled cove cradling a personal beach, with zero commercial encroachments- save for one 20-year old resort.

Wye Naam Resort, with 16 hillhanging bungalows is the lone tenant here, and has not changed by any considerable degree for it’s entire history. Considering the degree to which Thailand has fetished in tourism, this is indeed a rare blessing.            Purchase This Course

Folks can really revel in the nothingness of place here. Nothing to be do have or get. peace in each day, in hammocks, on sand, on floaty things wobbling on the warm liquid turquoise with the goofing aquatica drifting clueless below. and- did I say goofing-

the restaurant patrons, your bungalow neighbours & otherbay pseudo-locals, there irretrievable in bottomless cushions strewn about the ancient black hardwood, nursing comas from god-knows-what and sporting life tales fantastical and previously thought impossible before you came here,

or smartly inputting the launch for their next million, on laptops perched over nearly naked yoga postures- while all present are delirious in the good fortune of ordering just the perfect menu item, which gave that sloppy smile that just isn’t going anywhere…

OR maybe there’s a party going on. Which in my opinion, is just another blessing. all that described above magnifies at this point- parties are like that- and you feel the tickle, a brush with that brief tinge of sadness knowing that you will leave this place one day but not yet…

OTHER tickles arise, as new bodysplendour wafts inward throughout the grounds, assuming position in social correctness as humans do- there’s demi goddess, bushman bob, yolanda yogini, rasta ronnie, thalia thong, corporate ken & barbie, and nathan niceguy.

DJ Dashing sparks up the boxes, music for serious movement sets the vibe, and dance happens sandside. No matter the world has yawned out on dancing- this island was forged on The Dance and it aint stopping for nobody.
This is not just here on Wye Naam, the Dance goes on regularly at various spots within easy footing distance.

SPEAKING of dance, Koh Pha-Ngan is most noted for it’s legendary Full Moon Party- the monthly seige raging over the hill & around the bend from Wye Naam- NOT recommended, and I’ll leave it right there.

At the end of the day we know there is always more to a place than how a corner of it fared on any given night, and also how corporate media decides to paint it.

Wye Naam itself is mostly known as a local getaway, the relief for those longterm otherbay dwellers avoiding too many other, otherbay dwellers- and often the beach harbours handfulls of such quasi-local escapees.

It is not therefore uncommon to encounter relationships here which have gone on between folks for more than 20 years- sometimes for entire lifetimes. Most folks around these parts are hooked on the island you see, under it’s seductive spell, so if they ever do leave it’s usually not for very long.

Wye Naam Resort

The bungalows here are comfy classic Thai-style standalone hillhugging dwellinghomes on stilts.

Wooden construction, big king-sized beds with mozzie nets, full bathrooms, wardrobes, and roomy verandas suitable for gatherings, complete with hammock, floor cushions, bamboo shades, chairs table and simpl clotheslines.

Your basic, roomy home in the jungle. and the price is right.
And when you’re there,
you know you’re home.      



continuing good times are to be had, at Wye Naam.
why not why naam? as they say here.

this little scuff of paradise has been violined a bit much here, but to shazam! into you, the knowing of this place- yeah you’d be jetting here with or without any course going on-

but don’t let that get around…because folks, we got some good work to be done here- and for reasons which may not be apparent to all of you right now- almost certainly not with the pressing need that I feel is called for.

half dude ima boy can dream.
koh phangan, sept. 2016                     PURCHASE THIS COURSE
- im                                                            for $490    what this fee covers  
director, SimPL                                       

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