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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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SimPLife Design Professional Certificate Course

Live Activist Adventures NEPAL

          A Two-Week
Integrated Tour/Intensive On
The Roof Of The World

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$440 or $640

Course Dates and
Daily Schedule

                             Permaculture in Nepal,

     The Fabled Shangri-Lacliff house himalaya


Home to eight of the ten

highest peaks on earth,

the birthplace of

Hindu & Buddhism,

as a nation perhaps the

grandest natural spectacle

on the planet.  

AN epitomy destination* for this
Design Professional Course (DPC),
a two-week, quite intense intensive, balanced between
Design    Lecture   &   Hands-On while integrating:

DAILY interactive, thinktank-style Design sessions* with
1) permaculture
2) biodynamics
3) green building
4) bio-organic farming
5) earth oven construction
6) human world navigation
7) tools & skills training…. AND
) one main, on-site project buildTHE ROAD TO LANGTANG

THIS is an ancient kingdom, a relatively narrow country between the top of India and the bottom of Tibet. Nepal is the reknowned king of worldwide trekking, a wondrous paradise of grand Himalaya which offers a wild diversity of natural and cultural splendours.

NEPAL is to diversity what Ladakh is to extreme. Diverse, from the boiling-hot low tropics of the southern Tarai, to the frozen arctic ice fields of vaulted himals, to shimmering rainforests to crisp alpine highlands to parched rainshadowed desert. And each resplendent in their own rich tapestry of colors, fauna and flora.

HERE is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, known also as the Buddha, and where the Hindu religion is also said to have originated. Nepal is the fabled Shangri-La, home to the idyllic legend of a mythical heaven-on-earth. Nepal’s famous landscape of towering peaks is also known as the “Roof of the World”.

LIKE Ladakh, Nepal still embraces the practical and economic benefits of building with the free earth around us. The people are born into it, and borne by it. This is not a wealthy country in the capitalist sense; it abounds with wealth of every other imaginable type. earth stoves at 5EOB

THE LOCAL, inbred wisdoms are not
likely to squander expenses on outside, modern building methods, when the infrastructure they have always had-
that almost every Nepali is trained
in- more than suffices in it’s own,
earthen luxury.

THUS, we shall learn by
merely being here
By looking around, studying
method, watching people erecting, repairing, and using their birthright technology to obtain much with very little. This is how we shall then build- in the raw local style, yet with our own creative madness thrown into the mix.

ONE main group project will be voted on, with a few options that are offered. This project will involve green building techiques, and will directly benefit the local community or 5EOB’s continuing efforts to further essential lifestyles.

ACTIVIST Adventures Nepal occurs in colorful Panauti, only 32 km from the capital city of Kathmandu, at the confluence of Rosi and Punyamati rivers and home to Indreshwar Temple, the oldest surviving temple in Nepal. This traditional, medieval place is in sub-tropical, mild weather, and set in a lush jungle of 1,450m altitude.

THE DPC course is held at 5 Elements Organic Bastion, in hill country near Panauti town, where every day cows are milked and tended, and farm crops nurtured and harvested, supplying the local and Kathmandu organic food markets. superadobe mud mix at 5EOBnewborn at 5EOB

ACCORDING to 5EOB & SimPLife partner Pat Kauba- a.k.a. Baba Charlie- this agriculture organization is “a bastion for endangered farming, dairy, medicinal, and housing practices of global origins and concern, that can provide a betterment to society as a whole.” That sounds good enough for us.

IN OPERATION now for five years, 5EOB regularly teams with locals and folks from around the world in hosting a variety of projects in farming and green building. In addition, organic tinctures are made on-site- and can be one of the mini-workshops during this DPC.   Purchase This Course

Option 1: Hotel Panauti is a quality, respected inn in Panauti, offering reasonably-priced rooms with hot showers, and a highly-touted rooftop restaurant. Engagers will stay in double-occupancy rooms, with private bath. The Course is a casual stroll from there.hotel panautihotel panauti









Option 2: Tenting at 5EOB is available for those preferring a more rugged and economical experience. Single or double tents will be set up nearby, with a shared bathing facility. This option requires entering the discount code TENTING during Course Enrollment.

ALL MEALS are included with the Course fee. Three hearty vegetarian meals per day are served at 5EOB, with all sure to be quite satisfied. At the heart of the menu are two wholesome, organic local sources - the farm itself, and the bevvy of free-range cows milked and tended daily at 5EOB. 5EOB cows

   COURSE ENGAGERS are treated to a    daily fare of the finest, freshest    ingredients possible, while living and    learning in paradise.

5EOB staffs a mix of local and foreign, with plenty of experience in caring for groups and the steady flow of engagers, volunteers and neighbours which pass thru this land.


COME share, learn, assist us & enjoy in the sacred surrounds of Nepal, and 5 Elements Organic Bastion. when?
THIS description can only scratch the surface- there is so much to discover, and possibilities to uncover during this DPC, including the Design project for your own dreams, done in concert with all others present, a continual round-robin cooperative phenom in the making.


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nepal, march 2017                  for $440 or $640    what this fee covers    
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Course Dates and Daily Schedule
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