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the view from Likir village, Ladakh
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SimPLife Design Professional Certificate Course

Live Activist Adventures LADAKH

          A Two-Week
          Integrated Tour/Intensive
         In The Ancient Himalayan Kingdom

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        Majic in Everyday Clothing

                          & Each Day A Thousand Years

COME TO LADAKH, a kingdom of embodied Practical Sensibility,
the majestic Himalayan high desert of two continents colliding,
a place of extremes, edge-culture on viagra-

AN epitomy destination* for this certified Design Professional Course (DPC),
a two-week, quite intense intensive, balanced between
Design    Lecture   &   Hands-On while integrating:

DAILY interactive, thinktank-style Design sessions* with
1) permaculture
2) biodynamics
3) green building
4) bio-organic farming
5) earth oven construction
6) human world navigation
7) tools & skills training…. AND
) one main, on-site project build


LADAKH is the ideal place to learn earth-conscious lifeskills.

WHEN I first landed at Leh Airport some years ago, I knew I had been there a thousand years. Not like I felt this, I knew this. The knowledge accompanies you, rolls out with your luggage, gets in the same taxi, arrives at your guesthouse.

THIS, a primordial familiarity, ancient memory, or just the full landing of beingness?

LADAKH is an ancient kingdom. It is also a district in the Jammu & Kashmir state of India. It is the northernmost point of the divine subcontinent, where no one knows its nether-reaches, all northern claims dissolving in a squabbly menage-a-trois between India, China and Pakistan.

SHE is colliding with Asia- still, everyday, now. It is home to some of the tallest peaks and best trekking on the planet. It is one of the oldest continuous farming traditions on Earth. It is high-altitude desert of intense, direct sunshine.

SHE is a place of extremes. Extreme sunshine in summer, extreme cold in winter, extreme altitude, extreme dry- and extremely breathtaking, year-round.

LADAKHIS have been living simply & sensibly for thousands of years, growing and using the materials found in their own environment, and basing their activities on what is possible and what works, a way of simplife not based on some philosophy, regime or religion, but designed to assure their very survival- the very best reason to learn anything.

OVER time, survival became thrival, and today Ladakh flourishes, yet retains a keen respect and utilization of her rural resources. This high-altitude desert expanse in western himalaya hosts a bustling trekking and tour industry, while maintaining her core traditions and unique style.

WHAT results is one ongoing, massive human permaculture experiment over an entire region- and successful for many a century- a jewel most precious in the face of worldculture’s runaway contrivance and global dependency today.

INSTEAD of plastering photos all over to scramble your reading experience, we packed them into a slideshow of typically breath-taking yet ordinary captures of Ladakhi life:

WHAT becomes apparent, is how this simpl perch of grandesse, tucked high amongst the range clusters of western himalaya in the clear-and-clean rain shadow high desert- can simply blow one away, by it’s sheer utterness, for lack of a better description.

RURAL life still flows through channels set up by ancients, and only punctuated by occasional modernist objects. The pace is calm, slow, ever ongoing- the manner quiet, direct, unassuming.

MONEY is used of course, and yes greed does exist, but wealth is practiced and maintained in a person’s hands, strong back and utter perserverance.

ALL of this, built on a foundation of survival. Failure-means-death is only true stable human landscape by which cultures mature into longevity- oddly enough- and the ancestors, here since Neolithic times have had plenty of practice getting that one right.

WITH towering peaks lining the vast flowing Indus, Nubra and Zanskar rivers, sweeping desert plains utterly shreft of visible biology and massive vertical faces of multicoloured minerals-
utterly blinding white in winter- comprise the majority of what outsiders witness here.

IN Ladakh’s north, the Karakoram Range is utterly high and utterly cold, a culture of skyscrapers, with 100 peaks over 7,000 meter height- several over 8,000- and more glaciation than anywhere outside of the polar regions.

UTTER dryness and clearness of air spells utterly-clean in Nature, and if not for the precious, finite glacial milk pouring down from himals and creating village oases in this lifted desert, Ladakh would not sport many bipeds at all.

ALTHOUGH a curious and new weather phenomena has cropped up in the last couple of decades, called rain- rarely is found a rooted specimen here, without water purposely directed to it’s roots. Not that Ladakh is purely desert, but one needs journey an arduous distance to witness ambient greenery, a worthwhile feat for the intrepid nomad.  Purchase This Course

ONE LEARNS about the curious and rich vitality of edge-culture in nature, when seated in western permaculture and biology classrooms. Ladakh is edge-culture on viagra:

HERE is the colliding edge of two continental shelves, of jagged-edged himals wielding demise and splendour, and perhaps the true western edge of himalaya itself. Here is the refuge-edge that harbours the devout in flight, of the once-mighty Tibetan dominion and its tantric Buddhism.

HERE is the southern edge of communist Asia and the northern edge of Asian Islam- and the most farflung edge of India. Here is the begrudged edge of India’s Jammu & Kashmir state, which confers on Ladakh district no real authority over itself.

EDGED on all sides geopolitically by sharp cultural contrasts, Ladakh defies all the usual and expected neighboring categories, and is singularly itself. For sometimes Ladakh is referred to as ‘Indian Tibet’, though is not quite India, yet it is not Tibet either.

A French anthropologist in Ladakh once suggested (to me), “if India is the land of cultural diversity and contrasts and contradictions, perhaps Ladakh is the wound of that”.

LADAKH has adapted over the thousands of seasons and centuries by channeling her ancient life-giving glacial milkflow to nourish some of the oldest continuously open-pollinated farmcrops- and seeds(!)- on the planet.

SimPL has collaborated here farm and seedwise, helping to re-organize the Women’s Alliance of Ladakh/Navdanya Seed Bank, and through on-site observation and particiaption, teaching groups such as this course, and an upcoming Ladakhi farming text, is sharing what we believe to be essentially important tools for humanity’s future.

LOCAL-farmed trees and native clays are fashioned here by hand into a distinctive, generously roomy local architecture. A functional, sensible and attractive building model thus prevails locally- an artecture to be more accurate- where even the poorest among them have space to breathe.

THIS common boxy fortress-house of the Ladakhi results from available local materials, a shared human technology, and centuries of observation. And everyone lives in them, still.

IN the West, these would be called mansions.

woodyVu Stok house, a dubious beauty

* this passage excerpted from “Ladakhi Organic Farming” by im, working title of an effort to record local farming practices.


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