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whats this?

in :

intend Multiplicity.

                                              the useful affect wrought by action-
                                                    any given environment
                                                            highest efficiency,  lowest expended resource…and                                                                   harvest benefit in multiples.

                                                   unleash Flourish    
                                                                                conspire Thrival
                                                                                                           conjure Wealth
                                                                                                                                     create Mastery     

Learn        -      (LIVE & online courses)

Do             -      (hands-on project builds)

& Share    -      (scheme connive & collaborate in MasterKey thinktank,                                                              included in Live Activist Adventures)

            im, Nepal, orwell year 1984

im, Nepal, orwell year 1984

What's To Learn and Do?


Mud/Straw/Earth Oven Construction

Activist Adventure Intensive/Workshops

Food Production & Cooking

Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening

How To Sculpt Your Own Earth Oven

Sensible, Practical Living

The Essential BioDynamics

SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life , a FREE online course

How To Build A Professional Djembe

What's To Share?

MasterKey thinktank

                                                    Your Design Ideas Master LifePlan Dreams

                                                   with others,   and  those others with you.

Why Should Only Corporate Bullies Have ThinkTanks?

MasterKey thinktank is the premium offering in the SimPL course set. MasterKey is a brainstorm process of Inspired Purpose. like minds, eyes and hearts on the Preferred Reality. each day is dedicated to one person’s dream, playing master-for-a-day, with a shared groupdream effort which then keys in on the master, developed in bytes, at days’end.

Bring us your drawings, your blueprints, your passionate concepts on CAD programs, drafting paper, or coffee shop napkins, yearning to be real.

In your choice of scheduled group Intensive, or private session.

Join a SimPLife Live or Online Course Today

Scheduling is presently in progress for all options listed above:
YOU are invited to help Design upcoming seasons

in the Himalayan grandeur of LADAKH  
the tropical paradise of THAILAND         

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Engage. This Life is not passive.


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SimPL has been a world-wandering flagship,
driven by a logic-based comprehensive
philosophy behind the works.

SimPLife is the works.
courses, contracted project builds, or just personal fun things that seem to make sense
and add some good somewhere.
to date there have been courses, small project gatherings
or completed SimPL builds in 8 different countries:

Ladakh, Ecuador, United States, Turkey,Phillipines,Thailand, Spain, Korea.

                The Three Houses of  

…the brilliant and simpl, philosophy-and-design-driven explanation of the Earth and her natural processes, birthed in the 1970’s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, and today has mushroomed into something of a global grassroots cliché; the go-to, default responsible thing to learn for modern people. And for good reason, good result, and one hopes for the Greater Good.

SimPLife instruction in this genre embraces all the core concepts & principles, and selects many of its practical approaches- yet not all- in favor of a more practical and likely body of tools that most of us will be needing to know in life. Permaculture does admit to limitations- as ardently insisted upon by Mollison himself- of refusing to recognize and incorporate Cosmic or energetic principles into Practice. This brings us upon our second house-

The term itself was coined by Rudolph Steiner-influenced farmers in the early 20th century, yet draws upon the first ancientmost human science- the study of the Cosmos and Her many influences upon the Earth, particularly in regards to farming and care of plantlife in the terresphere around us. Rather than regarding cosmos as a do-or-die rigid commandment of activity, SimPLife prefers BD as a probability indicator, that to access biodynamic guidance is the invitation for our lives to flow within Her.

SimPLife courses discuss the biodynamics of, or cosmic-influenced rythmns of, the moon, sun, planets, outer cosmos & earth, and how to simply combine & interpret them via cosmic calendars, which are now freely available to us on the web.

  In this human world, doubt-ridden and choked with far too many humans and diversions to navigate, Science or Philosophy by themselves may not contain the requisite jet-fuel of motivation for lifelong, joyous engagement. Hence SimPLife offers two subjects within our shared reality, each a riveting and liberating game-changer to replace our regionally taught programme-of-limitations (called Culture).

The first subject deals with Light, and how the new light-scientists are routinely observing the Divine construction of the physical plane- universally undercutting all previous sciences with the ultimate physical Truth- to now- of who and what we all are, equally. (the term “we” now meaning ALL of creation)

The second subject is the history lesson of how the chemically-dominated madhouse that we call the Modern World came about, and how one simpl technology breakthrough created the global control of human existence- and how we can all opt out of that control - or continue as slaves within it…

The intention of this third SimPL house is found within the inevitable arising question: upon the discovery of our own unlimited grandeur, and a human world choosing to be enslaved via trickery, are we not distasteful of this false status quo, thus free to (and silly NOT TO!) engage in a different life of our own choosing?

SimPL is the long-term result of engaging the passions, those best-of avenues of discovery and creation, which render the multiple outcomes.                                                                     
if these passions are yours as well, you are invited to share with us, and join the fun and creative madness scheduled throughout the magnificent himalayan summer, on into the Thai autumn.
                                                                                                                                         why not you?  
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